The Civil War Pterosaur shot no one should see

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The Civil War Pterosaur shot no one should see!”-

March 19, 2010

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The most obfuscated “pterodactyl” photo in history?


There’s a very old photo that no one can see! It’s not that it doesn’t exist,–it exists alright!–but no one is really allowed to see it by the “thought police”. (George Orwell 1984) But even when people see it, many still can’t see it as it really is! At least, very few of them. I hope you can! Allow me to set the stage…

When an octopus is threatened it expels a confusing cloud of ink into the face of its pursuer. The ink-fish is still there but temporarily becomes invisible behind its cloud of ink while it makes its get-away.



It’s similar to how the “Powers-That-Be” (PTB) often obfuscate (muddle) a true historical event into an unclear event, by spewing out pages of printers’ ink, full of conflicting commentaries, opposing opinions, and confusing chatter.

(James Files points to his temple where he shot JFK.)


(James Files sneaks away from the scene in the green hill)


Take for example the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. The largely unknown, so-called “grassy knoll” shooter Jim or James Files’ confession (1) of firing the last fatal bullet into JFK’s right temple, which made him fall backward and slump toward the left, is purposely obfuscated by reams of newspaper and “tons of ink”, supporting the official (rogue!) American government’s “lone shooter” theory, which still today doggedly claims that “the bullet came from behind!

The result is that nobody knows anymore what to believe, and they’re incapable of seeing the Zapruder film evidence as it really is, that the President gets thrown backward and slumps to his left! Everyone is so confused that most people ‘switch off‘, go in denial, and are too mentally paralyzed to pursue and bring to justice the real perpetrators!–The same very criminal power elite that even now is still in charge of America! As George Bush Sr. confessed in an interview with Sarah McLellan: “Sarah, if Americans really knew what we Bushes have done to them, we would be chased down the streets and lynched!”

So what about that “most obfuscated photo”?

There exists an old sepia colored photo that was printed in a “believe it or not” type book in the U.S., according to many people who either used to have a copy or read it. It was published sometime between the 1950-ies and 1960-ies. Later, in the early nineties, this amazing photo got scanned and put on the internet, in plain sight! Nevertheless, today, very few people can see it for what it really is!Their “eyes wide… shut!” Why? Because of “octopus ink“! In this case a devious “doppelganger” photo! [Orig. German: “Doppelganger”= A “double” or “look alike” impersonator.]

A doppelganger picture?

Yes! Because there exists a second, virtually identical imitation of this sepia photo, a yellowish photo with very similar content, that most people also don’t know the origin of! (More on that later.) Here are the two pictures. The first we shall call the real “Sepia (colored) shot” & the second the fake “Yellow shot“:

1) The First “Sepia Shot”. Study carefully! Click on photo to see big size.


2) The 2nd “Yellow Shot” imitation.

What’s up with these photos?


•Both photos show 6-7 American soldiers with similar Civil War uniforms & similar guns.
•Both photos show a dead, non-decomposed carcass of a recently shot pterosaur!?
•Both hunters have similar positions with their left foot on the pterosaur’s head.
•Both photos’ soldiers hold similar positions in similar open spots in a forest.
•Both photos have blurred edges, but the 2nd one’s blur seems applied & more artificial.
•Both photos have a similar fold line going vertically through the picture.
•Both photos have similar scrape marks at virtually identical spots. Coincidence?
•In the 1st sepia shot, details are clearer than in the 2nd blurry yellow shot.
•Sun-faded spots in the 1st photo look more genuine than lightened parts in the2nd.
•It seems that the 2nd is an imitation of the 1st one, except for the pterosaur size!
•Both photos’ content is very CONTROVERSIAL, to say the least!

Photography during the civil war was already very developed and produced clear detailed pictures. Although details on the sepia photo’s edges are not as clear as the middle of the photo, most likely due to chromatic aberration (6), there is no reason for the second photo to be so equally blurred, other than by design. Also, the Civil War uniforms & equipment in the sepia shot are more accurate than in the yellow one, where the belts are incorrect. Also, the “Dino” looks kind of flat and non-descript.




We can safely say that the second photo is not as old as the first, and was purely intended as a copy of the first. A “doppelganger“, like Winston Churchill’s look-alikes during World War II, hired to protect him! (How easy it is to deceive the nations. Sigh!)


But what makes these photos so controversial, apart from the weird fact that the second tries to copy the original, is their identical theme! The original sepia photo was taken to record a unique historical event, the shooting down of what to some looks like some “flying dinosaur with canoe-shaped wings!

But to the trained eyes it features some type of pterosaur, a pteranodon to be exact! According to the caption of the original sepia shot from the 60-ies “believe it or not” book, it (the flying dino) was shot down by soldiers during the American Civil War in 1864 near the city of Vicksburg. The book didn’t call it a “dinosaur”, just “some kind of unknown bird or monster”, as far as readers remember.

Most people who see it will say, “But that’s impossible! Because dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years!” Right there, the automatic reaction of most normal people would be to say, “Oh, that is such a fake picture!“, and dismiss the photo. They automatically “shut off” their brain by denying what their eyes are actually seeing on the photo, in plain sight!

Why! Because of their educational and media conditioning, but especially when they learn –what they by default had already automatically assumed!– the fact that the yellow imitation is indeed a fake! Not only “rumored” as such, but debunked and discredited as a proven fake! By who? By its very own creators!        Huh!?

Yes! By its very own creators! Allegedly, an American film & TV production company named “Haxan” claims to have staged the “yellow shot” and its fake pterosaur for their TV series “Freaky Links”, a program on mysteries- and paranormal themes for Fox TV in 2001. On their “Freaky Links” website they feature a “Civil War Pterodactyl” page, which “happens” to snag 70 % of all “Civil war pterodactyl” searches, and is linked to by many other websites.

On this very popular page, they pretend to investigate whether their (own!) yellow photo and its “Civil War Pterodactyl” are real or fake! They even feature “expert opinions” of two university professors, who, when you ‘google’ them, turn out to be non-existent in the respective universities! The original sepia shot is hardly mentioned or shown at all, except via one little link to a very small copy of it, where self-appointed “photographic experts” dismiss it as a “perfect Photoshop creation!

“Watch the hands! Watch the hands!”

Huh? That yellow photo was designed as fake?! What about the sepia one? What the bleep is going on here?
Good questions! But by far the biggest question is: “Why didn’t Haxan use the original, much clearer, sepia civil war photo with the far more convincing, really freaky, canoe-winged pteranodon?

IF Haxan’s ambition had really been ‘to make a successful, lucrative, convincing “Freaky Links” edition about real genuine mysteries’, they should have featured and researched the mysterious sepia original instead! Why in the world did they go through all that trouble to produce an imitation of the photo, plus forge a fake monster (a lousy one at that!), and then base their frigging TV program edition on it? Were they nuts?

Nope! They weren’t nuts at all! In fact, they were wickedly smart and very cunning! You see, because from phase one, the very goal and objective of the “yellow-fake” creators in the first place, from the onset, the only reason why they created it, was not at all to make a quick buck from some stupid TV emission on some lousy imitation photo! No! Their real objective was to instill skepticism and raise doubts about the original photo!

[UPDATE: Whereas the 2001 TV program did use a couple of shots of the original photo, their permanent “Freaky Links” website has been promoting the fake photo ever since the 2001 TV series until today!]

Why? To falsely dismiss and discredit the original photo as a fake, to confuse us just as Churchill’s doubles were meant to confuse wannabe German assassins. All along, Haxan’s handlers’ only goal was to black out the original photo, like the sun in a moon eclipse, to make that original sepia shot disappear, as a magician spirits away the ball in a “three cups shuffle” trick, all in plain sight while you‘re watching his hands! Weren’t they smart? Oh definitely! They managed to kill most people’s perception by simple psychological warfare!

A strawman, false positives and patsies! Psychological warfare tricks.

In psychological warfare theory, this standard trick is commonly known as “creating a false positive” or “strawman“, after which you successfully attack the strawman as the fake, thus condemning the entire issue! (4)

For example, Lee Harvey Oswald, the so-called assassin of J.F. Kennedy, was actually created as a “false positive“, also known as a “patsy“! He was chosen, groomed, set up, and served up to die as a disposable patsy, and eventually murdered by another patsy, the Jewish nightclub owner Jack Ruby because they (the PTB) didn’t want the American public to find out that they had framed Oswald, as he himself claimed he was!

And thus the plot thickened. So thick, that the average people could not make sense of it anymore, all the time aided and abetted of course by the deliberate confusion and clouds of printers’ ink expelled by the mystifying mainstream media octopus, usually complicit in such high treason by covering up the big boys’ crimes. Just as they deceive(d) us about 9-11, the Oklahoma bombing, the underwear bomber, and in so many other instances! — Remember those “weapons of mass destruction blah blah?” Now it’s the “Iran has nuclear weapons” mantra.

Sad to say, now, when people do stumble across the original photo on the Internet, they’ve often already heard rumors in forums about some “fake Civil War pterodactyl photo” in existence. And so they automatically conclude that the sepia shot is either ‘that fake’ or ‘of course also a fake!’ This false notion then gets reinforced each and every time when someone ‘googles’ it and lands on Haxan’s deliberate dis-info page, where instead of the real original sepia photo, they are served up the yellow fake! — As Haxan Productions admitted.

So how about the original Sepia Shot? Is it real?


The Pterosaur from the Book has a long tail ending in a diamond shape.

Just like the sepia pteranodon shot, though not as clear, this amazing photo above is another example of obfuscation! It’s a rather small picture of an anatomically correct rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur or pterodactyl, with its characteristic long tail ending in a diamond shape, held up by a short Texan cowboy! This photo is also from a still available seventies’ book titled “Was Earth Visited by Aliens?”, printed long before the days of PC-s and Photoshop! 

In this rare scan, the book’s surrounding text is still visible, as usually this dated information is purposely cut off and omitted, so it’s easier to “debunk the Dino” as “another Photoshop!” Yet the book’s caption right above the photo gives the following interesting credit:

All photos, courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History *illegible* instant photography.

Now I don’t want to be difficult, but I somehow doubt very much that the American Museum of Natural History would show us all their photo archives, that is if they still have them! I trust them about as much as the Smithsonian Institute, oft reported to deny or be reluctant to disclose the existence of many other historical ooparts (out-of-place artifacts) they are alleged to have purged from public view.

In my long research on this issue, I’ve seen to what lengths these anti-true-history forces go to connive and deceive us, and to discredit both of these original sepia photos.  But I dare say that the clear Pteranodon photo is the most beleaguered photographic evidence in the world. More dangerous to the ‘Powers-That-Be’ than the Zapruder JFK murder film, bought by Time-Life Magazine and conveniently hidden away from the American public for 14 years! (and probably edited)

So why is this photograph more dangerous? Because it obviously is agenuine photo of an 1864 Pteranodonshot down during the Civil War near Vicksburg! And such compelling evidence is clearly not allowed by the NWO, globalist, evolutionary “thought police”, and therefore it had to be “eclipsed” and discredited in a hurry.

Sepia photo clearly features an anatomically correct pteranodon

“The first Pteranodons in America were first discovered in the upper chalk of Logan County, Kansas by O. C. Marsh in 1870. The only remains collected were the fragments of long wing bones.” (2) Source:

“Although bones of Pteranodon were first discovered in the 1860s, it was not until after the turn of the century that we had some reasonably complete picture of the animal. Its bones are hollow and thin-walled; therefore, they were usually crushed flat. Also, skeletons were generally incomplete. Like our model, it was necessary to incorporate bones from several specimens in order to reconstruct Pteranodon.” (3) Source:

The animal in this photo is clearly an anatomically perfectly correct, male Pteranodon when compared to the museum model! Besides the correct “anteorbital fenestra” cavity observed just in front of the eye socket, and the identical eyebrow skull ridge, and the exact position of the neck, even the right-side lower inward curvature on the museum’s skeleton lower beak in the photo, where the throat’s skin was connected, are clearly visible in the sepia photo! And it almost looks like the upper and lower beaks had been tied together with twine or cord. Was this pterosaur still alive perhaps at the time of the shot, that they had to keep it from biting the hunter’s leg?

According to the above Berkeley University quote, no one before 1900, (forget about 1864!) knew what an anatomically correct Pteranodon looked like! (except perhaps American Indians knew what their ‘Thunderbirds” looked like!)
So for sure no one in 1864 could have faked a fancy prop like this, let alone use plastics or fiberglass to produce a photo as real as this one!

Not even Haxan in 2000 was able to make a halfway decent-looking fake. Their pterosaur prop looks more like a limp plastic bag!

Because this historical photo was published in a book in the sixties as confirmed by witnesses since this article detractors can now only counter-attack with something like this:  [NB: The following words are made up!]

“This original sepia photo is a fake created before the sixties publication by a conspiracy of Fundamentalist Creationist Christians seeking to discredit Evolution. They created a huge anatomically fully correct Pteranodon, most likely carved out of wood, be it with anatomically unknown canoe-style ulterior wings. (Probably an oversight) Then, these religious fanatics hired U.S. Civil War actors dressed in correct Union uniforms, kepis, brass buckles, side bags, canteens, powder horns, typical beards and mustaches, armed with the correct bayonet rifles, and then staged and photographed the entire scene in an open spot in a forest. Then these religionists printed this fake on old sepia colored paper, scraped, folded, bashed it up, and even bleached some spots under intense focused light, and tore off some of the sides, and voila! A fake photo of a fake Pteranodon, discrediting our many million years’ old true human evolutionary genesis and our 65 million-year-old extinction tale of our dinosaurs. Yes! That’s what obviously happened here! Sure!”

That wouldn’t sound very believable, for the simple reason that in the fifties there were hardly any hard-core “creationists” yet–if any, let alone such unscrupulous, militant ones as to even do such un-Christian things as cheating, lying and conspiring to “make a fake dinosaur to attack evolution“! Only from the mid-1960-s Young Earth Creationists promoted the teaching of scientific creationism using Flood Geology.

In America during the fifties, the biggest sin in school was chewing gum, and Evolution wasn’t even widespread in high schools yet. The so-called “blue book” of the new biology was just then being slipped under the radar into high schools during the sixties, and apart from some rare individuals, the majority of Christians were hardly even aware yet of the insidious attack on the true historicity of their Bible, nor of the fact that dinosaurs and “legendary” dragons were one and the same thing! So such a ludicrous claim would hold very little water. Except with some intellectually challenged forumites perhaps?

Haxan’s Very Fakery Proves the Authenticity of the Original Photo!

By the mid 90-ies, the ‘PTB’ were unable to simply destroy this 1864 Pteranodon photo, as they seem to have been able to expunge most copies of the original book from history, from the by-them-controlled US libraries, and used bookstores, etc!  They somehow were unable to intercept this photo, already downloaded too many times, which was doing so much damage and sowing plenty of doubt in their beloved religion-breaking mechanism of Evolutionism. As Trinity in the Matrix movie said, “The truth is out there, Neo!

And so they quickly opted for a strawman tactic instead, to at least try to confuse our ranks. They found willing dupes in “Haxan Productions” (“Hexen” is German for “witches!”), already infamous for creating a successful hoax, the unsavory “Blair Witch Project” movie. And so, these “useful idiots” then fashioned a fake plastic pterosaur prop, photographed it together with dressed up Civil War actors, and until today they stage their yellow imitation shot on their Freaky Links series’ website as “hoax!” and score first place on Google search!

Guess what they named their “Civil War Pterodactyl” TV episode! Try to Coelacanth this! That’s significant! You see, the Coelacanth (“see-la-kanth”)used to be designated by top evolutionists as the “early primate fish long known to be extinct” … until… (ahem!)… the very fish was discovered alive and well, off of the coast of Africa! It turned out to be identical to the fossil and unchanged after “all these hundreds of millions of years of … e-vo-lu-tion!” Catch the drift of their title? They knew exactly that they were covering up! Sorry Haxan, but we are successfully “Coelacanth-ing this” by exposing your fakery!

IF Haxan had really wanted to make a lucrative episode for their “Freaky Links” series, they ought to have promoted the original sepia picture, so much older and clearer, and as fact rather than fiction!  Maybe then Freaky Links, through this “Living Civil War Pterosaur” episode would have become a grand success and blockbuster! But they didn’t!
Why not? Because that wasn’t at all their objective!

Even IF they had clearly promoted the original real pteranodon photo as fact instead of fiction, it might have unleashed an unprecedented, immediate, outcry from the “scientific” world with politically correct media headlines like: “Haxan claims civil war photo shows living dinosaur!!!” Haxan may have been shut down! IF it ever had gotten that far, because Fox’s censoring executive editors would have canned “Freaky Links” in a hurry before it ever hit the TV screens!

Just about as fast as the Globalists shut down water cars before they ever get into production, as they did to the Japanese Genepax Company for example, or to water-engine inventor Stanley Meyer, whom they murdered by poisoning! Because they just will not allow competition to their oily energy scheme, which just goes to show how little these hypocrites are really interested in a clean environment.

AlsoHaxan’s executives’ very scheme to not use the original photo on their much visited Freaky Links website, but rather to create and propagate the half-ass, fake imitation instead, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, their real intent to discredit, debunk and obscure the original sepia photo. Using the original would have achieved the very opposite of what they were actually aiming for, as it would have made the photo world famous!

Logically speaking, there was no reason at all for forging that yellow fake to use in their phony dog-and-pony show, other than the calculated intent to discredit this to-evolution-dangerous photo with a “false positive!”
Their concerted efforts to create a false positive to eclipse and “debunk” the original photoproves the very authenticity of that sepia Pteranodon photo!
Their silly scheme gives them away, and also shows what a dangerous threat this sepia photo is to their greatest deception in history, the bogus science and fake religion of Evolutionism, their slimy scam designed to try to discredit the Bible’s true history, and thus stamp out Christianity! But it won’t work.

How Easy it is to Delude the Average Joe

These scammers tried to erase that proud pteranodon from our memory and human history, and so far they had kind of succeeded. Especially when you consider the average forum comments on the genuine photo by some of these intellectually-challenged, yet cock-sure, wannabe crypto-zoologists, proving themselves to be the most undiscerning, confused, easily brainwashed adepts and the specimen of America’s dumbed-down non-intelligentsia.

Below are two examples:
Calling the pteranodon a “pterodactyl“, as good media parrots they dismiss the photo as “Photoshop at its best!” Never mind that neither Photoshop nor PC-s even existed in the 60-ies when this photo was published.

This forumite compares the original sepia with a truly Photoshopped fake dino fabrication:

Such are the sad results of the deliberate dumbing down agenda of the American “Education” department. If you haven’t heard that yet, do watch Charlotte Iserbyt’s videos on Youtube.

Yet as the saying goes, “Give the Devil enough rope and he will hang himself” In spite of the Haxan deceivers, the truth is out now. I just hope enough people will see this and pass on the word, and link to this, to prove how the Secular Humanist New World Order elite does not just intimidate & murder water-engine inventors to limit us with their filthy oil, but is equally vigilant to suppress any and all evidence that proves that Evolution is at best a joke (on us), but worst a pseudo-scientific scam and propaganda success for them! The emperor is naked after all, but only a little boy was brave enough to call him out on it. How about you?

Evolutionist Crypto Gate Keeper Loren Coleman

Another telling aspect of this entire saga is the following!
The fake model of the fake photo was bought up by “respected” evolutionist cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman! This man –or shall we call him gatekeeper?– broadly displays it on his website no doubt as a strong statement, preaching to his forum choir. But also Coleman is guilty of debunking the strawman, the fake yellow photo as “the fakeCivil War pterodactyl!”Neither Coleman seems to wanna feature the “real McCoy.” Why do all these talking heads like to eclipse the true original photo?

It makes you wonder about “respected” Loren Coleman. If his intent is to alsodebunk the civil war pterodactyl” [actually a pteranodon] then, of course, he will also black out the sepia! And that’s exactly what he does! He largely omits that photo, featuring it only together with other “more doubtful easily debunked“‘ pterosaur photos which are not as clear as the sepia one.

He’ll probably either ignore this article [update: he has so far!] or post some lame rationalization, or attack the legitimacy of “the Creationists’ sepia shot.” And here I’m not even a “creationist!” I try not to mix religion with science. I just discovered a rat in a woodpile. That’s all. In my humble opinion, Loren Coleman is an obfuscating evolutionist gatekeeper!

To any real journalists and died-in-the-wool truth-seekers, it’s obvious what’s going on here, how this photo is being blackballed, vilified and “debunked!” — That handy word they love to apply to every oopart that doesn’t fit their man-centered, self-centered, secular-humanist philosophy that is killing this world as we speak.

What’s the Fuss About One Little Photo?

This 1864 pteranodon photo is not just an insignificant little photo.
It is that dangerous to the elite and their programming of the masses, because it’s not “politically correct“, nor “kosher” to these invisible, stealthy, psychological warfaring, Satanic powers, who confuse and deceive us on so many issues: Pearl Harbor, JFK, RFK, JFK jr., Martin Luther King, USS Liberty, Oklahoma bombing, Palestine, 9-11, H1N1, “Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming”, their fake “War on Terror”, the “benefits” of the “Bail Out” the disastrous daylight robbery of the left-over riches of our nations, etc.
They fight truth in all its forms, but especially this photo! They don’t mind so much the “Grassy Knoll shooter”, or the “9-11 Truth-ers”, etc. They simply “debunk” those in their media. But their ire is especially roused by and reserved for actual documentary proof of the most persecuted scientific fact and historical truth; Living Dinosaurs in modern times! Alive Pterosaurs in 1864! “Thunderbirds” (American Indian name for Pterosaurs) seen in the 21-st century, or the African “Kongamato” (right pic) and the “Mokele Mbembe” sauropods observed in the Kongo by both African natives and even Westerners.

This is the most dangerous evidence of all, as there is no other existent documentary evidence as clear as this, still in circulation! Compared to the more ambiguous Dino-Plus-Man footprints, this is the “Real McCoy!” And anyone who loves truth, even though it may be unsettling at first, should take a good hard look at it! Because this is the best historical evidence that Pterosaurs were alive and breeding, procreating and flying around in the mid 18-hundreds, you’ll ever hope to find.. staring you right in the face!

And that‘s a very disturbing pin in the Evolution balloon. It doesn’t just question, but destroys the cornerstone of the entire construct of modern scientism! “Dinosaurs!” This fabrication that “dinosaurs” died out 65 million years ago, while this shows that dragons were and are alive recently!

It pulls into question the entire idea that we “humans are merely 62 million year improvements after the dinosaurs!” We’re told our species’ career started “three million years ago” in this statistically impossible “evolutionary process“, instead of our real Genesis of no more than 10.000 years ago, like the world’s  500 some ethic histories (“legends” as they callously call them) unanimously dictate!

Pterosaurs were not just alive and breeding in 1860, but even today are still seen at times in several places around the gloomy globe by both believing and skeptic humans alike! And whennot if–they are alive, then that means there is something fundamentally and fatally wrong with their “standard scientific genesis theory & consensus

The PTB (powers-that-be), dear readers, do not allow to have their prized success story get undermined, nor see their brainwashing campaign of lo these last 150 years, so foundational to all of their deceptions called “Modern Science”, go down the drain, get falsified or… perish the thought… defeated!

“Dinosaurs” or Dragons live(d) with man recently!

Dragons are not fictional but 100 % factual and historically documented and they are definitely not 65 million years extinct! That is the grossest lie & fabrication they rammed down our throats for so long, that deceived pitiful doubting Christendom out of their saving faith! Dragons were not just real and frequently historically documented, but our wise, respectable, honorable forebears saw them, had to fight them, and were sometimes even killed and devoured by them.

Contrary to the elite controlled Mass Media TV-industry created popular opinion, our primogenitors or patriarchs were neither stupid, retarded descendants of fictional “cavemen” who couldn’t read nor write nor observe their own history, as evolutionist “science” would have us believe!

Modern “historians” are so biased against our former generations, arrogantly accusing them of “writing fiction” instead of history! How dare they call their experiences “myths and legends!” It’s the modern historians who write myths like the official 9-11 theory to deceive our present day mass-media dupes!

Our forefathers had to deal with dragons, as virtually every nation, culture, or race on this planet did! Especially here in China! All our temples still proudly feature dragons, and at Chinese New Year we traditionally explode fireworks to scare off the big “Nian” dragon! You think they just vainly conjured them up in their imagination, or as your fancy pants call it, their “collective consciousness” or something? No darn it! They SAW them and had to deal with them! Even your Marco Polo reported them as such!

We still have entire fossilized dino eggs laying around in our Mainland China dinosaur graveyards. Still whole and entire… after 65 million years??? You know how long that is? I’ll tell you, Confucius’ bones are dust after almost 3000!

Oh, I see, because they are “fossilized!” Ah ya! 65 million divided by 3000 years? That’s 21,666 times Confucius lifespan “only”! Right! NO WAY JOSÉ! You’ve been had! Wake up!

The “psychological war” mongers and their rich mercantile handlers are very proud of their foremost brainwashing success! (See Bernays video below!) They were able to dethrone and replace your honorable Christian Genesis of Man consensus of yesteryear by their new fangled “Scientific genesis” consensus! And because of your gullibility, they are now laughing all the way to the BANK! Ha ha!

They taught you in school, that silly fable sequence:
“Nothing!–Big Bang!–Gas clouds–Planets–Rain on the rocks–Primordial soup–Emergence of [scientifically disproven!] “spontaneous generation” of life–Simple [very complicated!] Cell, –Amoeba, –Fish, –Amphibians, –Reptiles, –DINOSAURS!!!, –Mammals, –Monkeys, –Primates, –MAN, –Humanism, –New World Order!–Totalitarian Tyranny!”

Well, they don’t teach us the last two of course, but that’s what they have on the menu for the dumbed down masses! Whereas this lone photo denies their entire fabrication, as this huge 1864 Pterosaur is 100 % identical with its alleged “65 million-year-old” Pterosaur relatives! Which raises a legit question: Are its deceased family members’ skeletons REALLY millions of years old?

How do you assume that one lone straggling Pterosaur managed to survive 65 million years of “evolution”, yet never changing all that time?! Like those 350 million-year-old flies trapped in amber globes, are still the same as flies today! No change in all that time? Evolution doesn’t seem to work very well! Or perhaps it decided to stop for 63 million years? Or 350 million years for the flies! Like the Wollemie Pine, the “dinosaur of trees“, a few years ago was found thriving in the Australian outback! Ha!

Maybe perhaps, this one lone picture, denuded from all their Haxan spin and Bernays’ engineering of consent, could awaken some of you, sleepers, and eventually, even the entire deceived 21st century “evolutionary” generation of Man, out of their elite induced stupor!

Hello! Can you now finally SEE this photo as it really is? And SEE why they hate it with a vengeance? Can you finally SEE the most beleaguered photo in the history of man? Without all the false religious media conditioning?
We sure hope and pray you do! Your future depends on it!


Watch and weep how Edward L. Bernays, the professional deceiver, was approached in 1929 to attract then non-smoking ladies as a new audience to cancer-causing tobacco! How he orchestrated a “Torches of Freedom” march from coast to coast USA and deceived an entire generation! Also, did you know that Nat Rockefeller confessed to Aaron Russo, that they engineered and sponsored “Women’s liberation” to be able to double tax the population, to force their children into state schools, and to frustrate men sexually, to disrupt the Family unit as ordained by God? That’s why many women are like men today, and families fall apart! ‘Bing’ it if you don’t believe it!



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  5. obfuscation (countable and uncountable;pluralobfuscations) (uncountable) The act or process of obfuscating, or obscuring the perception of something; the concept of concealing the meaning of a communication by making it more confusing and harder to interpret.
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3 Responses to The Civil War Pterosaur shot no one should see

  1. Ronald says:

    The pics are not showing, where can i get a webpage WITH the pics. Also it says purged from public view. What is up with that?

  2. Cartimand says:

    Pteranodon was toothless.
    The creature in the photo – whether genuine or not (and I do suspect not) seems more closely to resemble Ludodactylus or Brasileodactylus.
    Certainly the wingspan would be reasonable, but those wing-tips look decidedly fake.

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