Awakening from a Dream – Chapter I

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By RoseMarie Gagnon


During that blessed moment of the day when your spirit comes back into your rested body and gives it life again, when your entire cells and atoms wake up to the light of the day, oh what a miracle of resurrection is taking place unknown to you!  Yet you linger, you don’t move, you just enjoy the feeling of newness, of promise, of anticipation of another day to live.  You don’t even open your eyes; you are focusing inwards, trying to remember what you were dreaming. So vague, yet so peaceful, your trip was worthy and the things you engaged in were thrilling but you only retained vague feelings and glimpses here and there… oh how you wish you could record your dreams so you could replay them at will and enjoy them like a movie.  But you are resigned that this is the way it is, that dreams are fickle and mobile, ethereal and vague and that only those very important “God dreams” stay in your mind long enough to make an impact in your memory, leaving a permanent print.  Yet somewhere deep inside something tells you it shouldn’t be like that and maybe you are right.

Dreams are a gift of God, one of His preferred ways of communicating with His children, when they are quiet and at rest and He can get their full attention. Then is usually when He gives instruction and seals His counsel in your dreams, as the scripture says in:

Job 33:14-16 :    “For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. He whispers in their ears, then he opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction,”


God´s Video Call

Yet if a dream is God’s video call to your soul, how come the quality seems so vague and fickle?  His dream technology is so superior that not only engages your 5 senses but also your spirit and your emotions. It communicates with body, soul and spirit at the same time and in different levels and intensities.  It is so deep that passes human understanding, yet because we are in the receptive end it seems like our receptors aren’t functioning properly.

There are people who have vivid dreams, lucid dreams, far out dreams, and they even receive revelations and visions that help them climb their mountains and overcome their obstacles.  Others never dream. Some dream in white and black, some dream in vivid colors, and most have a little bit of everything here and there.   Some are so fascinated by dreams that write books trying to find and decipher a common code to all dreams. They seek to interpret and understand the messages therein -because all humans know in their inner cores- that dreams are God’s own communication system. But each dream is unique and personalized, meant only for you. There is no Rosetta stone  good for all dreams.

But why are dreams so quickly forgotten…even when you try to faithfully write them down? It seems like you only get the outline and the most important points, but that most of the experience goes unrecorded.

Dream hackers

Could it be that when your spirit crosses the 2nd heaven on its way back to your body, some of the principalities or powers dwelling there try to “hack” or “delete” your dreams to sabotage God’s communication system?  After all, there is a real war going on in the Heavenly Realms, right?

If God intended dreams to be a favorite way of communicating, resetting, fixing, informing, commissioning, warning, deleting, honoring and loving His creatures in such an intimate one on one way, is it not logical to think that the enemy of your soul would try to distort, hack, send viruses, or try to delete them before you even receive them?

What if there was a way to avoid the “deleting and hacking” of your dreams?

Angelic “Dream Escorting”

When you go to sleep and say your normal prayers, try asking God to send you angels to escort your dreams on the way back to your awakening and to help you  remember them well.  And cooperate with your angels by keeping a notebook and pen right beside your bed so you can write them down when you wake up.

Will continue…

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One Response to Awakening from a Dream – Chapter I

  1. I’ve been a dreamer all my life and have written them down for over 30 years. I love reading this article about dreaming and learned about the state we’re in when we dream and our spirit leaving bodies, that was new to me. Now I understand why we sometimes don’t remember all our dreams, they are stolen by the enemy. Some of my dreams were codes and things I could use in life and I couldn’t remember them even when I tried to write them down. Thank you, my eyes are opened to more vivid and colorful dreams to come.

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