by John Benjamin.     “Will The World End In 2012?”  (Excerpts from the FREE on-line book – Details below:)

Many people are becoming increasingly aware that things seem to be going terribly wrong in our present, rapidly changing world. There seems to be an alarming rise in destructive earthquakes, volcanic activity, giant solar storms, record hurricanes and tornadoes, and violent weather in all forms; producing unprecedented floods, droughts, and resultant crop failures.

   In general, very bad things appear to be coming our way on the horizon.

Instead of world peace being ushered in, as many had hoped for, we now face the increased risk of terrorism, as well as rising tension between many of the world’s leading nations, which may lead to future horrific and destructive wars.

We are facing the worst economic troubles we’ve seen in decades, with many who have

lost their jobs and homes, now living in despair. Almost everyone senses that something very dark, ominous, and foreboding is settling over our planet. It seems at times that the whole world has gone completely mad and that it is headed straight off the tracks for a huge train wreck!

Many movies, such as 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, as well as a host of

others depict soon coming “end of the world” scenarios, cataclysmic disasters, and earth-shaking extinction level events. These films tend to produce a very real and underlying fear in the hearts of many.

To make matters even worse, much of the modern scientific research and television documentaries that have been made recently seem to back these movies up in their terrifying portrayal of coming events.

Shows such as The History Channel, The Weather Channel, National Geographic, and others, are predicting soon coming “mega-disasters,” from large asteroid and comet

impacts, fiery meteorite showers, enormous solar flares wiping out our modern power grids, deadly earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, powerful tsunami’s, hurricanes, tornadoes, and a myriad of like and related events that may work together to produce a horribly destructive effect on the earth’s fragile environment, and the future of mankind’s continued survival as a living species in general.

Well, believe it or not, according to the Bible, these movies may not be so far off in their graphic portrayal of certain future events. Great disasters are predicted to begin to occur
Certain Scriptures in the Book of Revelation describe, in vivid detail, many of the events mentioned above, such as large asteroid and comet impacts, fiery meteorite showers, huge solar storms coming off the sun and burning the earth with great heat, and even nuclear war. on our planet in the very near future, in greater magnitude and frequency.

There are Scriptures in the Book of Isaiah that speak of a coming great earth-shaking “polar shift” that will crack tectonic plates all over the world, and cause near total destruction. It was recently reported on the news that the earliest stages of this coming “polar-shift” have now begun, and that the North Pole is “wandering into Siberia!”

Scriptures in Matthew chapter 24 state that as we near the end there will be a dramatic increase in violent destructive earthquakes, global wars and terrorism, coming world-wide drought, crop failure, famine, and outbreaks of plague and disease.

Scriptures in the Books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelation speak of a final  world-wide “mega-earthquake” so great, that it will level and destroy every city in the whole world, along with all the mountain ranges. Destruction of this degree is almost “unimaginable,” and is portrayed quite well in the dramatic movie 2012!In Jeremiah it speaks of a “giant end time hurricane” of such great magnitude, that it will literally cover the entire globe, sweeping through every nation on earth, and leaving behind a path of destruction unparalleled in history! It says that the dead will lay in such great numbers that there will be no way to even bury them all! There are even Scriptures that describe what we would now refer to as “UFO’S!”Many have associated this present, very noticeable rise in destructive “earth-events”with the prophecies of the “Mayan Calendar,” which some believe foretell the “end of the world” as coming in December of 2012. Will this really happen?  According to the Bible the world cannot end just yet, as it speaks of a final 7 year period coming soon, in which a ruthless tyrant known as the Antichrist will rise to rule the world before the end finally comes.He will come on the world scene as a “great man of peace,” even bringing a solution to the present Israeli / Palestinian problem. Scripture states that he will allow the Jews to rebuild their temple, and to once again practice their religion as they did in the days of old. This will not last for long though, as half way through this period he will set up an image of himself in this temple, and actually sit in the temple declaring himself to be God.

This will begin the most terrible time in the history of the world, as he begins to

persecute and kill many Christians, Jews, and people of any other religon that refuses to go along with his demand that they worship him as God.

At this time he will institute the infamous “mark of the beast,” that many of you have probably heard about, in which people will be forced to take a “mark” in their right hand or forehead, without which they will not be allowed to buy or sell, or to carry on the normal tasks of daily living.

This may well be one of the new micro-chip implants such as the “veri-chip” system, or something similar. A new tatoo bearing “wafer” style chip was just recently invented that goes on the outside of the skin now. So one of these new scientific advances may most certainly be the fulfillment of this prophecy of old, spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

It is at this time that most of these terrifying end time disaster events, spoken of above, will begin in earnest. The fact that we are beginning to notice a tremendous increase in

some of these things even now, may be the signal that we are getting ready to enter this period, which Jesus referred to as “the beginning of sorrows.”

So 2012 may indeed herald “the beginning of the end,” but not the final end itself. Then again this may be even further off. Only time will tell, but it is most certainly coming at some point, as this is what the Bible has predicted, and it has never been wrong yet in any of its incredible prophecies; many of which have already been fulfilled.

But the wonderful thing about all this, is that the Bible says that this will not be the “end” of the world, but actually just the start of a “new beginning.” Jesus will return to set up an “eternal Kingdom” which will never be destroyed; and he wants every man, woman, and child who has ever been born, or lived in this terrible old world to be there with Him, in the glorious new paradise that He will soon re-make, after this coming terrible time.

Jesus Christ died on the cross 2,000 years ago, and gave His life as a sacrifice to save the entire world; everyone who has ever lived, and to grant to us all the “unspeakable gift” of
He wants you to become a member of God’s Family, and to live forever in paradise, never to face death again!  All you have to do is ask the Lord to come into your heart and life, and He has promised that He will, for everyone that asks in sincerity. ETERNAL LIFE!  He wants everyone to be saved and reached with this message. The only way to escape the terrifying events that are coming; the “only way out” is through receiving Jesus.

You are then guaranteed to be cared for by Him and protected through this coming time of calamity, and He will return for you to receive you into His glorious Kingdom before the greatest and most terrifying of these coming disasters occur, in a marvelous event known as “the Rapture.”

John 3:16 says that “God loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should never perish, or die,


 but have EVERLASTING LIFE;” and Romans 10:13 says that “whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord (Jesus Christ) SHALL BE SAVED!” So please give Him a chance today, and ask Him in. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

If you would like to actually read for yourself, the amazing prophetic Scriptures mentioned above, that speak of these coming great calamities, and the return of Jesus Christ to rescue all who turn to Him, please go on-line and connect to any of the sites listed below and read the book Earthshaker in it’s entirety.

You will just be amazed at these incredible prophecies that have foretold, down to the tiniest detail, everything that we have talked about in this poster, proving that the Bible is indeed a supernatural and miraculous Book. IT IS ALIVE!

“Earthshaker” also has vital new information on discoveries that have

been made in the fields of science, ancient history, and secret new experiments that are being carried on behind the scenes, that you may find of great interest, as well as good advice on just how to prepare practically for all that is to come.
Because this information is so vital and timely to the public, in light of all that is beginning to transpire; this book is being offered FOR FREE! Simply go on-line to any of these websites below, and read, download, or listen to a dramatic audio recording of it! A great Audio CD of it is also offered for only $10 on the last site listed, if you wish to have your own personal copy:

Also, please look for a possible up coming film, that is to be based on this book along with other research like it. 




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