(As of September, 2011)

Dear Friends,

There have been so many major disasters and horrifying events that have occurred in the last year, since the book Earthshaker was first written, that I felt I needed to write this much needed up-date.  So many things have transpired so rapidly that I am just amazed! It just seems like something taken out of the 2012 Movie Trailer!

Many major end time Bible prophecy events are now beginning to be fulfilled in earnest, in a rapidly increasing and very astonishing fashion.  It was recently prophesied that many of these events would pick up and begin to “accelerate” both in magnitude and frequency, to the point that it will become impossible to even keep track of them all.

Well folks, we are almost at that point right now!  There has been such an alarming increase in record breaking bad weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, enormous solar flares, and other related events that it is just absolutely shocking!  The entire world economy seems to be on the verge of total collapse.

Due to the dire situation in the middle-east between Israel and the Muslim nations that surround it, a “third world war” may be imminent and looming on the horizon.  Many nations are being drawn into the conflict, and are all lining up and taking sides, including the world’s leading nations.  I feel something really needs to be said at this point, and many of these things addressed:



Also, new and pertinent information has surfaced concerning certain scientific breakthroughs in fields such as the rapidly growing “Trans humanist Movement,” that may very well be involved with the fulfillment of the incredible prophecies given in the Book of Revelation, concerning the “mark and image of the beast and his followers!”

There have been “stunning” and incredible advances made in such areas as Robotics, Cyborg and Android technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and MICRO-CHIP IMPLANTATION.

There is even a brand new “wafer” style micro-chip which was just invented, that is “glued” onto the outside of the skin of a person’s hand, that bears a “tattoo” marking its location, so that the controllers can see just exactly where to pass the scanners or information gathering devices over.

This REALLY goes along with the prophecy in Revelation chapter 13 of the Bible that speaks of a “MARK” that will be taken in the right hand or forehead without which a person cannot buy or sell.  A “tattoo” certainly fits the description given there of a “mark” much more than anything we’ve seen yet to date.  Here is the link to a website that has posted a news article with a picture of this new “wafer-chip” and accompanying tattoo.

But there is new even more highly developed chip implantation technology, that is being designed to go into a person’s brain, (or as the Bible indicates will be taken in the forehead) which is said to be able to dramatically enhance human abilities in areas such as strength, speed, agility, intelligence, and instant knowledge and understanding of things; such as the ability to be able to just automatically “know” how to speak other languages, or to understand things in highly advanced fields such as Science, Mathematics, History, etc…

These “Black-Ops Scientists” are said to be working on creating WHOLE ARMIES of Cyborgs, Androids, and “chip implanted people” that will possess these super-human abilities to fight in war, and that may be tools in the Antichrist’s hand to do his bidding and make up the bulk of the army of his “beast-marked followers.”

The great Christian author and speaker, Tom Horn, has been one of the main researchers that has studied and exposed all of this “new science.”  He has said that within TWO YEARS, many of these so-called “advances in science” will begin to appear on the world scene.

You can study much of Tom’s incredible research on his website at:  http://www.raidersnewsnetwork.com/   On this very informative site you will find article after article on these new breakthroughs in science and technology, as well as many great You Tube videos he has made, and a list of the many books he has written on this subject which you can order on-line.

You will find such great works as: Apollyon Rising, Nephilim Stargate, Forbidden Gates, and his latest, Pandemonium’s Engine, as well as many more that you can purchase from this site; along with a whole inventory of great survival supplies which you may need to make it through the days ahead, and that you may find very helpful to prepare for these soon coming future events.

Here is also a great You Tube video he just made on his latest book, “Pandemonium’s Engine” that may be of interest to you. You will see actual articles by the scientists themselves which prove that these technological breakthroughs are indeed being made.

As you may recall, in chapter 12 of Earthshaker, I briefly touched on this new technology, as I had just begun to hear of it.  After a friend sent me Apollyon Rising, I was just “blown away” by this man’s very well written and highly documented research.

Then my wife and I were able to attend Tom’s Prophetic Conference in Branson, Missouri in July of this year, and actually meet and speak with him, and many other speakers like him, who were exposing these things, as well as presenting new information and research into UFO sightings and revelations of late.



That is when we met Tom’s friend Gary Stearman, whose area of expertise is in the study of UFO’s; having personally seen them first hand up close. Gary heralds from the Stearman Aircraft family, who first started out in Wichita, Kansas in the pre- World War I days. They were among the first to produce many of the bi-planes of old.

They were then bought out by Boeing, and “Stearman Aircraft” became “Boeing Aircraft,” and produced many of the bombers that America used in World War ll, such as the B-17 “Flying Fortress,” the main “work-horse” of the war, as well as the B-29, which was the plane that dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

Gary was piloting a plane back in the 1960’s, from Cessna / Wichita to Dallas, and then finally Lubbock, Texas.  While in flight he saw an enormous UFO off his left wing.  He described it as being “saucer shaped,” and looked like highly polished aluminum, with corrugated sides, kind of like an “upside-down Reeces Peanut Butter Cup.”  He felt “waves of energy” coming off this machine and flowing through him.

He was just “in awe” at this spectacle, which he viewed for quite some time, studying out the shape and features of this incredible craft.  This then started his quest into the study of UFO’s.

For many years he didn’t mention a word about it, but has now come forward with some great research that he has done over the years, in his study of the UFO phenomenon.  He has written a great deal on this subject, as well as making some great videos.  Here is one that he made with other famous investigators, worth watching right now in this link:  Tom Horn, Gary Stearman & LA Marzulli on The Secret Alien Agenda – Pt 1

Another great “end time site,” that is one of the best and most informative on the entire internet; covering the broadest range of anything and everything concerning end time events, and how they relate to Bible prophecy, is:  Endtimeinfo, by Joe Candell, another great end time researcher. This site has the most up-to-date articles from news sources and prophecy teachings that I have seen to date!  If you are interested at all in keeping up with what transpiring almost daily now on a world-wide basis, please check out this very informative site.


But getting back to the rest of this up-date: at the time the book Earthshaker was first written, I had to actually hold up production of the Audio CD and change the script for the gentleman who was editing and making it, to include the horrible disasters of the Russian range fires, the terrible flooding in both Pakistan and India, that washed thousands of people out to sea; and the B.P. Oil disaster in the gulf of Mexico; all events that happened early in 2010.

That indicates how “out of date” the book has become, as many, much more disastrous things have occurred since then, that literally overshadow and “dwarf” these events, and make them appear “small” by comparison.  Everything is indeed increasing very dramatically, in great magnitude and frequency, as was predicted.



In March of 2011, we witnessed a “9 POINT QUAKE;” one of the worst earthquakes on record, in Japan, with an accompanying tsunami that has made it one of the greatest disasters in modern history; rivaled only be the horrible Asian tsunami of late, that killed so many.

The nuclear reactors in Japan, at the Fukushima facility, are still in complete meltdown, and the horrifying consequences of this terrible event have not yet even begun to have the full impact on the environment and people of the earth that they will in the final outcome.  Please pray for the poor Japanese people who live near this area.

The United States of America has witnessed the “worst weather they’ve ever experienced on record!”  As was stated in the book, these storms are continuing to increase in dramatic proportions as was expected.  This is most certainly a strong indicator that we may indeed be entering into the great end time period which the Bible calls “THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS!”



In April of 2011, the U.S. witnessed the largest outbreak of the most powerful tornadoes ever seen in their history!  They literally cut a full THOUSAND MILE SWATH through the Southern States of Dixie; from Mississippi clear through the states of Georgia and South Carolina!  Whole small townships were listed on the Weather Channel as “completely gone;” WIPED CLEAR OFF THE MAP!  Large areas of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama were utterly destroyed!

Joplin, Missouri was then hit in the following month of May, with a “record devastating tornado” so great that it wiped out nearly 75% of the WHOLE TOWN!  My wife and I recently traveled to Missouri to attend the Bible Prophecy Conference I just spoke of.  On the way back, we stopped by Joplin to see the incredible damage caused by this “monster” first hand for ourselves.  WE WERE SHOCKED BEYOND BELIEF!  I have never witnessed such total devastation.

Our hearts were broken as we began to pray for the people in that city whose lives have been “changed in an instant,” with many now living in despair and homeless, and worst of all, having lost loved ones and friends.

Think of it… it was just a “normal day,” until around late afternoon, when, within MERE MINUTES, such total and horrifying destruction hit so suddenly drastically altering and changing the lives of so many forever!

PEOPLE…  This is what the Weather Channel and the News outlets are now calling “THE NEW NORMAL!”  They consider this NORMAL now?  In other words, GET READY FOR MORE!  Things like this are now going to occur on a REGULAR BASIS!

We are from the Mid-West in the USA, and have personally witnessed many tornadoes over the years, and their aftermath, including the gigantic Andover, Kansas tornado; but we have never seen such complete and horrifying destruction to the degree that we observed in Joplin, Missouri!  It was devastated like a “WAR ZONE” for three quarters to a full mile wide in some spots, and seven miles long, with everything UTTERLY DESTROYED, and “wiped clean as a slate in places!”



Along with this tornado outbreak, which the Weather Channel said was the “worst in America’s history,” we have also witnessed the terrible TEXAS DROUGHT, which killed all of this year’s crops in that huge state!  It was stated on the News that “no crops will be coming out of Texas this year!”

Then the drought spread to outlying areas, from Arizona and New Mexico to Oklahoma, and clear into Southern Kansas!  It has been widely reported that another “DUST BOWL” may be coming to the mid-west shortly!  The News media outlets also reported that a full 28% of the “entire land mass of America” was affected by these severe drought conditions!  That is one fourth of the whole nation’s land mass folks!

In most all of these areas, the drought was also accompanied by horrible “range fires,” burning up nearly everything in sight; literally hundreds of thousands of acres!  This is said to have also occurred in many other countries all over the world, and that “WORLD-WIDE FAMINE IS COMING,” due to the resultant crop failures!

This was also mentioned in the book Earthshaker.  It is spoken of in the Book of Joel, in the Bible, as a “very major event” that occurs in the end time!  Jesus also spoke of it in Matthew chapter 24, as being one of the “major signs” that the earth is entering into the terrible end time period that I just spoke of called “THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS!”  GREAT FAMINES!  People world-wide will literally be starving and going without food.  We will more than likely witness this to a much greater degree in the next few years.



In the United States, the entire Mississippi river, as well as the Missouri, the Ohio, and other rivers that converge and flow into the Mississippi, went completely out of their banks in many places, destroying whole towns and communities!

This was considered by the experts on The Weather Channel to be “THE WORST FLOODING IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA!”  Whole towns were under water in some areas, and large portions of cities were utterly destroyed; as well as several nuclear reactors put in danger of meltdown.

Large and devastating EARTHQUAKES have continued to strike in many areas all over the world, and one even hit near Washington D.C. recently during August of 2011; and CRACKED THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT!  This 5.8 quake, even though small in magnitude, shook buildings all the way up to New York City, causing people to literally “FLEE” out of the skyscrapers there by the thousands!

Then, to make matters even worse, these same areas were hit with a major hurricane within just a few short days; (Irene) which dumped the heaviest rains and flash flooding ever seen in these locations, from North Carolina clear up through the New England States, and finally clear up into Canada!

This slow moving, churning, “torrential deluge” caused the worst flooding in the history of New England; putting WHOLE TOWNS under water in the Catskill Mountains north of New York, and in the States of Vermont and Connecticut, which were especially hard hit!

Many historical areas were totally wiped out, as well as many of the beautiful “covered bridges” in those gorgeous New England States!  Trees were dropped and destroyed over thousands of square miles, knocking out the electric power to MILLIONS for days to even weeks in some places!

Right now as of this writing, another major flooding event has just taken place, which started in New Orleans, from a major tropical storm, (Lee) that has now traveled clear up into many of these same New England states that were just mentioned, dropping even more enormous torrents of rain and “flash-flooding” on these already flood-stricken areas!



And now, to the predictions just recently given of even more destructive and horrifying events by the scientist themselves:

The USGS, (or United States Geological Survey) which monitors quake activity all over the world, is now predicting an 8 point MEGA-QUAKE on the “New Madrid Fault” soon, which runs between St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee in the United States!

The New Madrid Fault is said to experience a large 8 point quake every couple of hundred years in that region.  The USGS has stated that another “big one” is long overdue.

The Weather Channel and USGS experts have said that if a large 8 pointer were to hit there now, that it would literally topple buildings all over St. Louis and Memphis, including most of the cities in-between and surrounding them; and that it would even bring down many large structures and “wreak havoc” as far away as KANSAS CITY!

Some have went as far as to say that this coming great “mega-quake” could split and widen the Mississippi River, causing the ocean waters of the Gulf of Mexico to back up clear into this entire area, inundating the cities of Memphis and New Orleans, as well as all the cities in-between; putting them under water FOR GOOD!

Some scenarios predict that this event could cause the ENTIRE COUNTRY OF AMERICA to be split in two, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf; and that the waters of the Gulf of Mexico could very possibly back up clear to the border of the State of Missouri!

The last time a great earthquake occurred in this area, it caused the Mississippi River to run BACKWARDS for three full days, and completely altered its course, running it clear out of its banks in many areas; as well as ringing Church bells CLEAR UP IN BOSTON!

They are so convinced that this is going to occur once again shortly, and cause major loss of life and damage, that they had a practice-drill earlier in the spring of this year, which was called “THE NEW MADRID QUAKE DRILL!”

Hundreds of first responders, fire fighters, and paramedics took part in this enormous drill, bringing out THOUSANDS of body bags, and carrying out mock training exercises for what they would encounter; with full Hazmat gear, and all the things they would need to save and help people, if and when this horrible event once again occurs.

The scientists at the USGS have also been on television of late, predicting that a horrifying 7.8 to a possible “10 POINT MEGA-QUAKE” may strike the Los Angeles area sometime soon!

They believe that if it is a 10 pointer, (which is completely off the scale of anything ever witnessed before) that it will not only affect the greater L.A. area, but also every city that is on or near the full length of the entire San Andreas Fault, including San Francisco!

They also predict a major 9 POINT “FLASH QUAKE” in the “CASCADIAN SUBDUCTION ZONE,” which is out in the ocean several hundred miles off the shores of the SEATTLE / PORTLAND area, in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.

They say that these quakes have occurred on a regular cycle about every 200 years, averaging 9 points in magnitude, and that the one they are presently expecting is LONG OVERDUE!

Well right now as of this writing, a huge 6.4 quake just hit off Vancouver Island, right near this area and the “Puget Sound.”  This may be a sign of something bigger yet to come, just as they think.

Officials in Seattle immediately checked the “Alaskan Way Viaduct,” for cracks and damage, as they greatly fear that this huge “double-decker” overpass highway is subject to complete collapse within “mere seconds,” crushing thousands of cars and people to death if a large quake were to strike near Seattle.

Not only will it topple buildings in those cities; but the worst disaster will come from the GIGANTIC TSUNAMI that this “flash-quake” will cause, which will “DWARF” the one that just occurred in Japan earlier this year; and literally “wash” huge portions of those cities out into the Pacific Ocean, causing major loss of life to a degree that we have never experienced in America before!

I, myself, while living for a while in Northeastern Washington State, had what I believe to be a prophetic dream, in which I observed this coming horrible incident.  I saw whole neighborhoods of Seattle literally “floating” out to sea, with some structures still standing.

I remember, in particular, one large two story house, painted a beautiful color of blue with white trim; complete with a two story deck in the back, just slowing “drifting” out into the ocean, along with its whole neighborhood; some of which was collapsing and sinking into the ocean, to my utter horror and shocked dismay!

Unlike the dramatic 2012 Movie Trailer, in which structures were being violently destroyed, this even looked like “peaceful destruction” if you can imagine what I am saying.  It all just floated so gently out to sea and SANK!  I was awakened by this dream, or night vision, and couldn’t get it out of my mind for days.



Here is some new information, which may be of great interest to you, that the Lord showed me recently concerning the present increase in huge destructive storms and violent weather which we are right now experiencing: I wondered if the Bible talked about large and destructive STORMS occurring in the end time?

I had previously noticed that as we near the end, there is a dramatic increase violent earthquakes all over the world, leading up to ONE GREAT AND FINAL “MEGA-QUAKE” that is so intense and powerful that it destroys whole cities all over the world and even levels the mountain ranges!

THAT IS A BIG QUAKE FOLKS!  Well, I wondered if the same thing could occur with the very noticeable increase in this violent and extreme weather.  Will these horrifying storms increase until they are of “world-wide proportions,” ending in a FINAL GREAT “MEGA-STORM” ALSO?

Well lo and behold, I found a very interesting passage of Scripture in the Book of Jeremiah that seems to indicate this very thing!  Please check this out:

Jeremiah 25:32, 33, “Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a “GREAT WHIRLWIND” shall be raised up from the “COASTS” of the earth.”  (A giant hurricane?  They “whirl around a center, or “eye,” and they make land-fall and start their path of destruction from “THE COASTS OF THE EARTH!”)

Vs. 33, “And the slain of the Lord shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth: they shall not be lamented, neither gathered, nor buried; they shall be dung upon the ground.”

This really sounds like a GIGANTIC HURRICANE OF GLOBAL PROPORTIONS!  So many will be killed in this horrendous storm that there won’t be enough people left to bury them all; and it comes in the “time of the end,” just the same as the “GREAT AND FINAL EARTH QUAKE.”

So apparently both “violent storms” and “huge destructive earthquakes” will continue to increase in both size and intensity now until these great “mega-disasters” finally occur.

I believe we will have been raptured out by this time by the Lord, at the blowing of the 7th trumpet, as was made so clear in the book Earthshaker; and that this is one of the events that will come during the period referred to in Scripture as “The Wrath of God,” which we, who choose Jesus as our savior, will NOT be around to experience.



Also, in the introduction to the book Earthshaker, I spoke of how the earth once experienced a great “polar-shift,” both geo-magnetically and physically; in which the earth wobbled violently off center, cracking tectonic plates all over the globe, and finally ending up with the new poles in an entirely different position.  As was stated in the book, this is why they have found woolly mammoths in Siberia, flash frozen, with tropical vegetation still in their stomachs.

I mentioned how the great Prophet Isaiah spoke in chapter 24, verse 1, of his amazing book, of what sounds very much like another “polar-shift” that will occur at the “very end” of the world, that will once again cause this great destruction and tectonic plate shifting, which sound very much like what is also described in verses 18 through 20 of this same chapter.  This is undoubtedly the cause of the “great earthquake” which is also spoken of in many other areas of Scripture that comes at the very end.

Specifically, (with my emphasis added) Isaiah 24:1 says, “Behold, the Lord makes the earth empty, and makes it waste, and “TURNS IT UPSIDE-DOWN,” and “SCATTERS ABROAD THE INHABITANTS THEREOF.

This is a perfect description of a massive polar shift, in which a large asteroid “clobbers” the earth, (or many asteroids and meteorites) and literally “turns it upside-down,” scattering people and animals all over the place, like the woolly mammoths of old, which are now found in Siberia.

Isaiah 24:18-20:  …for the windows from on high are open, “AND THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTH DO SHAKE!”  The earth is “UTTERLY BROKEN DOWN,” the earth is “CLEAN DISSOLVED,” the earth is “MOVED EXCEEDINGLY!”  The earth shall “REEL TO AND FRO LIKE A DRUNKARD,” and shall be removed like a cottage, and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it, “AND IT SHALL FALL AND NOT RISE AGAIN!”

Does this not sound like a perfect description of what was viewed in the 2012 movie, as well as others?  The tectonic plates shaking violently, breaking everything down, and causing the land surface and cities to be “clean dissolved,” falling into the “fiery abyss” of the red-hot magma below, and the whole earth being “moved exceedingly?”

This “reeling to and fro like a drunkard” is very descriptive of the extreme “wobbling effect” of the earth being struck by a giant asteroid, in the time of the end, or MANY asteroids and meteorites, as is described so perfectly in the Bible, in Revelation chapters 8 & 9, and wobbling violently off-center, as the poles begin to shift around in many different directions, like a child’s top as it begins to wane in the speed of its rotation!”

WELL GET READY FOR THIS FOLKS:  To our “stunned amazement,” and absolute ASTONISHMENT, my wife and I were watching the news, earlier this year of 2011, when it was reported that the scientists believe that ANOTHER GREAT POLAR SHIFT MAY BE COMING ONCE AGAIN SHORTLY!

They showed where the North Pole has begun “wandering,” and that it has “wandered” CLEAR INTO SIBERIA, IN RUSSIA!  SO THE POLES ARE MOVING!  They themselves were shocked, and admitted that the North Pole has wandered “far” out of its normal field of slight variation, and appears to be charting a course deep into Russia!

They then said that this is indicative that we may very possibly be getting ready to experience ANOTHER GREAT POLE SHIFT, and that the last one of this magnitude happened in the days of old, thousands of years ago, and they even spoke of the woolly mammoths I just mentioned that have been found in Siberia, that stand as a testament to this last great disastrous “earth change.”

Could this be another sign that we are entering into the TIME OF THE END?  It certainly appears so.  SO THIS IS A BIG DEAL, and possibly the beginning of the fulfillment of Isaiah’s great prophecy!

Now this is not speaking of a slowing down of the earth’s rotation, where it finally stops and begins to “spin backwards,” as some scientists have described what they think a “polar shift” is…

This is speaking of the type of polar shift 2012 that would be caused by an asteroid impact, as I stated above, or the nearby passing of a large heavenly body with tremendous gravitational pull, that causes the earth to wobble violently off-center, causing the poles, both physical and magnetic, to shift around in many different directions until they finally end up in a completely different location than they were to start with.

The earth may still be rotating in the same direction of spin as it was before, but “knocked completely cross-wise or upside-down” out of its normal “axis-angle” of rotation.

This could cause the rotation of the earth to dramatically slow down though, even adding to the wobbling effect and tectonic plate cracking and shifting.  Continents and parts of continents may sink, while other areas that are now under water may rise.

So here is another “SIGN,” or “strong indication” that we may be indeed entering into this great and final period called the “time of the end.”  The scientists said that the poles have not “wandered” to this degree for thousands of years since the LAST great pole-shift.



I spoke in chapter 12 of the book, on the archaeological findings of the “bones of Giants” that have been discovered and dug up over the centuries, but not reported in modern times because of the evolutionists covering it all up.  I mentioned a book called “GIANTS,” that tells of many of these findings, and told of how it could be ordered from David J. Smith‘s website.

That is where I first saw the book advertised.  I had no idea who had written it though.  But at a recent Bible prophecy conference, I was able to obtain a copy of it, and saw that it was actually written by Steve Quayle.

Mr. Quayle has done some excellent research on a number of subjects, and has written many great articles and books, as well as being a renowned speaker at many prophecy conferences and speaking engagements.  He has some absolutely amazing information which he presents on his website, as well as much out of the book “Giants.”  Here is that site if you are interested in studying Steve’s great research material and writings:

I had gotten some of the information wrong that I stated concerning what was in the book, as it was second hand from my memory, which is fast fading, from hearing David J. Smith speak about it on the radio; and I would like to set that straight here.  I had stated that there were many photos of the dig sites of these giants in his book.  Actually there is only one, of a 12 foot Irish giant in a coffin standing up against a rail car.

The many other photos are of modern giants who have lived in recent times since the days of photography.  But the book itself is FILLED with hundreds of testimonies of the digs of giants, reported by people from all over the world, as well as what is written in the “actual histories” of many nations and cultures down through time.

The book is well worth reading, but if you go on-line and do a web search on “giants,” you will find even other authors and researchers who DO have photos taken at their dig sites, and also much more information on giants, that has been hidden from the public by the evolutionists, just as I suspected and had read about before.

They simply do not want people to know that giants once existed, because it would destroy the Theory of Evolution in its present form.  Yet they used to teach in Archeology, when I went to college in the early 70’s that they had found the bones of all kinds of giant animals like bears, sloths, oxen, horses, etc… and that they didn’t know why, or what may have caused them to suddenly “dwarf” in size, and begin to grow smaller to the proportions that they are today.

WELL FOLKS, IF THEY HAVE FOUND THE BONES OF GIANT ANIMALS OF VARIOUS SPECIES, WHY THE HECK WOULDN’T THEY FIND GIANT PEOPLE TOO?  This makes no sense at all if you think about it, especially when it is written in the histories of many nations that there were giant men and women in the old days, in almost every single culture on earth.

I personally feel that it was because in the days of old, before the great flood, the atmosphere and environment was such that it allowed for people and creatures to grow much larger.

I may address this in greater detail in an up-coming book or article, but there was once a large, thick “vapor-barrier” or “water-belt,” as some have referred to it that orbited the earth and kept it in a kind “bubble of protection.”  It filtered out harmful “gamma radiation” from the sun; which is one of the major types of radiation that kills people in an atomic blast.  (In a much larger dose, of course.)

Well it “burst,” and fell out of the upper ionosphere or stratosphere, during the days of the great flood of Noah, and therefore exposed people and creatures to a much greater degree of harmful “gamma radiation” from the sun, as well as other forms of radiation from space, and even from underneath the earth itself.

There are some forms of radiation that come up out of the ground during earth quakes, from tectonic plate cracking.  All these various forms of radiation, as well as other forces of nature not yet understood, may be what drastically altered the size that early man and animals originally grew to, as well as also dramatically shortening the length of their life-spans.

In the Bible it speaks in Genesis chapter 6 of Giants having lived before the flood, and in the genealogies of Genesis, it gives record of the tremendous life spans of men who lived for hundreds of years during that earliest time, when the earth was in a much more “pristine condition.”  There were also whole “races” of giants that are mentioned by name in the Bible.

The very fact that we as humans, have to have our “wisdom teeth” cut out, or they will push all our other teeth forward, should serve as direct proof, to any rational thinking mind, that our mouths and jaw structures were originally designed to grow bigger, but something has “retarded” the growth of our bones and skeletal structure over many centuries.

Something has caused the growth of our bodies and bone structure to be greatly diminished from their original size. This could indeed be from the harmful gamma radiation which comes from direct sun light, as well as the other forms of radiation mentioned above.

According to the Bible, in Genesis 1:6-8, and Psalm 148:4, it speaks of the original creation as having “waters above the heavens,” as well as “waters below the heavens.” So there may have been a great water barrier, or thick cloud-like vapor barrier, that produced a “greenhouse effect,” allowing for a much more even temperature all over the planet, and for the plants, animals, and humans to grow much bigger and live much longer.

Remember, that in Genesis 2:5 & 6 it says that it had never RAINED before the days of the great flood of Noah.  It says that a “mist” came up from the ground and watered the plants every morning.  So the environment of the earth has “drastically changed” since its original creation!

Very possibly, a comet, or asteroid of great proportions; or maybe even MANY meteorites and asteroids impacted the earth during this time, and “pierced” this great “protective bubble” as they came through it, like a child putting a pin into a balloon or soap bubble; causing an enormous amount of water to suddenly descend upon the earth like a giant world-wide “flash flood!”

The Bible speaks of the “windows of heaven being opened from on high,” and great torrents of water falling to the earth from above.  Is this referring to the “piercing” of this great “water belt,” or protective shield that once covered the earth, and of great amounts of water or thick vapor causing rain to fall in a giant world-wide “flash-flood?”

It also speaks of the “fountains of the great deep being opened up,” at this time allowing for water to gush forth in enormous quantities from below. This may be referring to the cracking and rupturing of the earth’s tectonic plates from these great asteroid, comet, and meteorite impacts, which allowed for many of the great springs of water, and water tables below the earth to suddenly “gush forth” in great quantities.

Both of these events would have then allowed for the different types of harmful radiation, from the sun, stars, and other “wave-length” forces from space; as well as the radiation from beneath the earth, to enter our once “pristine environment,” that was protected by these “waters above the heavens” or “protective shield” that surrounded the earth.

This would then in turn cause both the diminishing in size, as well as the tremendous decrease in the length of the life-spans of the creatures that would then come off the Ark and begin to reproduce in great numbers once again.

The surface of the earth is now 70% water.  This in itself attests to a great flood once having occurred, in which water both fell from above, and came up from beneath covering everything, and then eventually receding to its present ocean level; covering far more land expanse than in the original creation.

The scientists are beginning to find under-water cities now from new satellite technology, and sending divers down to check them out, and some have steps that go up to structures that are so large, only a giant could have walked up them!  Every now and then, National Geographic Magazine will do a story on a new find.

Naturally they try to explain it all away, saying that the “perfectly straight lines” on the fronts of the steps are merely a natural occurrence in nature.  What a lie!  Maybe underground in caves in the world of “crystals,” but certainly not in GRANITE ROCK UNDER THE OCEAN!?   All because they don’t want people to know that giants once actually existed in the days of old.

There are even the remnants of some ancient structures still standing such as Petra, the high “rock-city” in the mountains of Jordan, that have doorways and edifices so tall, that they were obviously made for much larger people.  You can also view these structures on-line, as well as a wealth of other information that has been discovered concerning “giants.”  Just look at the size of the man entering this giant temple compared to the height and width of the doorway in the following short video clip:

City of Petra

Concerning the idea that there was once a “water belt,” or “thick vapor canopy” over the earth like a protective shield; there are many who accept this theory, and believe that it has validity to it, in the small community of modern scientists that happen to believe in God, and are aware of these Scriptures that describe what our planet was like in its early stages and history.

You can learn more about this on-line by doing a search on “The Creation Science Institute,” or “Ken Ham,” who is an expert in this field.  He even has museum in Kentucky you can visit or take your kids to that is absolutely magnificent, telling the TRUTH about earth’s real history.  This is certainly a real testament to God’s reality and the Bible’s truth:  http://creationmuseum.org/



Finally, I would like to mention a bit about preparation, and what you can do to get yourself, and your family and friends ready as best you can, to face the dramatic, and often horrifying “earth-events” that lie ahead.

The first thing is probably location.  If you live near a coastal city or any large metropolis, your chances of getting caught in the coming social upheavals, earthquakes, tsunamis, violent storms, flooding, and other related anomalies are greatly increased.  If you can move to the country or the mountains, in a more remote area that the Lord leads, with others of “like mind,” it would probably be wise to do so.

A few years ago, my wife and I went up to Northeastern Washington State in the U.S. to look around, just south of the Canadian border.  We were shocked to find many people living there that are called “Coasties.”  Each one had personally received a vision from the Lord to move out of the Seattle / Portland area, to that area for safety from the coming calamities.

One lady even had a job offer to have her own television talk show in Seattle.  She declined after the Lord told her to move to this remote area and get out of Seattle!  He then instructed her to begin storing food and other supplies to get ready to help others during the coming time of great crisis.

Many of these people came from other areas to; as far away as Miami, Florida, and New York! They grouped together in certain Church homes or Churches in the area for fellowship and inspiration.  This isn’t the only area. The Lord has certain areas all over the world that He has prepared for His people that are called, “Cities of Refuge.”  If you pray, He will lead you to one.

There are also “cities marked for destruction.”  Henry Gruver the Evangelist spoke of this.  He had a vision just like Ezekiel, where the Lord’s Angel walked with another Angel who had a writing tablet, marking the areas the Lord said to destroy, and the areas the Lord said to spare in America, just as in Israel in the days of old.

In these areas people are storing food, water, and supplies to be able, not only to feed themselves, but also many others who the Lord will lead to them in those days, when they come fleeing out of the cities and have nowhere to go.

They will have the Lord’s people to turn to.  It speaks in Revelation 12 of “the woman fleeing into the wilderness, where she is fed, cared for and protected for the entire 3 1/2 year tribulation period.” Apparently the Lord is in the process of doing this RIGHT NOW!

Now for one reason or another you may not be able to just pack off and move to a remote location.  In that case, just do the best you can where you are at.  You can try to get a vehicle that will carry you, your family, and many of your supplies, to such an area and have it all prepared, should the Lord lead at the last minute.

You can also go ahead and begin to store food and supplies right where you are.  Foods such as staple items like rice and beans, canned goods, and things like soaps and toiletries, medical supplies, tools, water filtration, etc…  If, for some reason, you cannot just pack off and leave, the Lord may have you help people right where you are.

At this point it would be a good time to mention a great ministry we discovered that is preparing people all over the world, and from which you can purchase these supplies quite cheaply.  THE JIM BAKKER SHOW.  You can find Jim on many TV outlets like Angel One Satellite and Direct TV.

Yes, this is the same Jim Bakker that went to prison years ago for some supposed “great religious scandal,” some of which he was not even guilty of.  It was mainly persecution of a Christian preacher by jealous enemies!  But Jim says that going to prison was the best thing that ever happened to him in his life!  He says that for the first time in his life he had time to actually sit and read what the Bible REALLY HAS TO SAY!  He found its message to be much different from what he had been taught in main-stream Christianity.

He came out a NEW MAN with new beliefs that were more in accordance with what Jesus actually said and taught.  He now believes and teaches very boldly, that the Churches are deceived on such issues as “Pre-Tribulation Rapture,” and “The Riches and Prosperity Doctrine!”

He teaches that we will still be here during the reign of the Antichrist.  So Jim took action!  He met a great Christian man named Frank Davis, who has his own storage food company.  This man makes his own freeze-dried food in foil packages, inside 5 gallon poly-buckets with a 20 year shelf-life.  It is purely organic with no genetically altered or hybrid-seed foods used in the production.

Jim offers a full “LAST 7 YEARS” supply of this food for a very reasonable price ($3,000) that comes out to only 39 cents a meal!  You can also buy smaller amounts: A year’s supply for around $500, or even a monthly box, for those who can’t afford the more expensive offers, shipped right to your door for only $20-50!  These packets offer a variety of fully prepared meals that taste quite good.  Many say they taste as good as restaurant meals.

Jim also met with the Saychelle Water Filtration Company; the president of which is also a devout Christian.  He offers filtration pitchers, bottles, and even a “drinking straw” that can be taken to restaurants or on trips!  These filters are “military-grade,” and are sold to military forces all over the world.

They filter out any known pathogen, bacteria, virus, or “disease germs,” as well as even “ANTRHAX” and some forms of RADIATION!  You can drink straight out of the rivers and streams with these items anywhere in the world, without fear of illness.

Other water filters sold at department stores do not have this ability, but are only made to filter tap water of chlorine and a few other chemicals or poisons and just a few types of disease germs.

He offers a “silver-solution” broad spectrum antibiotic in several different forms that is also used world-wide, as well as tents, wind up flashlights, and emergency packs, medical kits, and all the necessary items you would need in almost any emergency.

Jim and his wife are really big on having a “go-bag,” or “flee-bag,” as some call them, packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  This is a small bag with several of changes of normal clothing, and some cold weather items to keep you warm, along with important papers, wind-up flashlight, wind-up radio, water filtration bottle, small medical kit, maps, pocket tool or pliers, and any other important needs you can think of.

So if the Lord is leading you to prepare for the coming time, as He led Joseph to do in Egypt; The Jim Bakker Ministry is a great place to find everything you need.  His phone number in the U.S. is 1-888-988-1588.  Please give them a call or go on-line to the website above to see what all they have to offer.

He also ships overseas to other countries, and is helping greatly in the Japanese disaster from the tsunami and reactor meltdowns.  He is also greatly involved in helping the tornado and flood victims in the U.S. at present.

His vision is to try to get every Church in America, and the world to prepare to be able to help the people around them when disaster strikes, or the terrible events of the end begin in earnest, by making a food pantry, where they store these same foods and supplies in great quantities, to be able to reach out to others and help them for the Lord, if and when hard times come, or disaster strikes.

Just watch the nightly news.  Disasters are striking all around the globe now DAILY, much greater in number, in an increasing intensity and magnitude.  YOUR PART OF THE WORLD COULD BE NEXT!  ARE YOU PREPARED?

There are many other good sites on-line too, which you can find by simply doing a web search on “storage food companies,” or “survival food companies,” but I prefer Jim’s, as the donations also go to helping the poor in his many ministries, where they are helping flood and tornado victims, who lost everything, and have fallen on hard times; as well as helping young mothers with children, who have no available means of support; and adoption counseling to replace abortion.  It is certainly a worthy ministry.

Jim is also teaching a great end-time message that will really give you the vision and prepare you for what is to come.  It’s definitely a good show to watch!  He is really on top of it all, with the news articles and events, some of which are of “Biblical proportions,” that are happening around us daily.

Much of what Jim says and teaches goes right along with what I have written in the book Earthshaker.

We are definitely “on the same page” on many issues, speaking the same things and giving a clear message of warning concerning what is to come!  His teachings out of the Book of Revelation on coming asteroid, comet, and meteorite impacts, resultant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the deadly increase in violent destructive storms and bad weather, massive flooding, drought, resultant crop failure, and coming famine; mirror my writings in the book Earthshaker almost to a tee.

In fact, I have learned some really neat things from his personal revelations studies.  For one, the word used for “STAR” in Revelation chapters 8 & 9 is the word “ASTER” in the original Scriptures written in ancient Greek / Aramaic!  This is the root word that “ASTEROID” comes from.  SO WHAT JOHN WAS SEEING WERE GREAT “ASTEROID IMPACTS!”

Now that adds a whole new perspective to the end time scenario doesn’t it?  It makes Bible prophecy “dead on accurate” in its future predictions of thing to come, even according to MODERN SCIENCE, in which they are right now predicting the SAME THINGS, and actually beginning “space experiments” to try to blow up incoming asteroids to save the planet!

Jim gets prophecies that are fulfilled too.  My wife and I were astounded one night, as he stopped himself in mid-sentence, speaking on a whole different subject, and said, “the Lord just showed me that there’s going to be a huge 9 point quake somewhere in the world shortly…”  Then several days later, to our shocked dismay, the great 9 point Japanese quake and tsunami hit! WOW!

Now Jim said he has learned some lessons about prophecy.  The Lord once told him of an event that was coming, but gave no date.  Jim automatically assumed it would happen that year, and spoke out about it.  When it didn’t transpire that year, people began to call him a false prophet.  Then the event transpired in a following year, and Jim said he learned to just give what the Lord shows, and not try to read anything else into it.

So he made a mistake in assuming that the Lord meant for this event to occur in a certain year, when the Lord had not specifically said that.  This does not make him a “false prophet.”  It makes him a true prophet, willing to admit his mistake, and what he learned from it; and the very fact that it did finally occur shows that it was really the Lord that showed him the vision in the first place.

He has received 31 prophecies since the 1990’s, of things that were to happen in the future, and all have been fulfilled except for two that are yet to come.  So I really feel that this is a true man of God preaching the “unpopular truth” and being persecuted by the main-stream Christians for doing so.

I opt to be on Jim’s side!  Jesus said, “Woe unto you when all men speak well of you,” and the vast majority of so-called “Christians” are certainly not speaking well of Jim.  The Lord Himself was called a “false prophet” in His time, and He said that if you are truly following Him, that you will be too.  People simply don’t like to hear the RAW TRUTH!

As he says, many Christians are just “lazy” and don’t want to have to deal with what’s coming, and say, “Oh well, the Lord will take care of us.” “I’m not going to even worry about it…”  But the Lord is trying to get people to prepare!

He had Noah store food to put on the Ark, and had Joseph tell Pharaoh to store grain for 7 years, in Egypt of old, (interesting number…eh?) to get both them and the Hebrews through the great world-wide famine back then. The Lord is trying to get many to prepare now just the same, but most are not listening.  WORLD-WIDE FAMINE IS COMING NOW ONCE AGAIN!

Some think that because the Lord said “don’t take any thought for tomorrow, neither for food or clothing,” – “Your Father knows your needs, and will care for you,” – “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” …that somehow storing food and preparing for coming hard times are in disobedience to this command.

I don’t know what to say, except that there is a “balance” to everything in the Scriptures.  I know that in one place where He talked of this, He was trying to gather disciples to follow Him, and some were asking,” well how will we feed our families?” “Where will we get food or clothing if we just up and take off, quit our jobs, and go to work for you as your followers?”

The Lord basically told them that if they went to work for Him and His Father, that they would be greatly taken care of and provided for, and that “the workman is worthy of his hire,” meaning that they would be cared for very well if they served God with a whole heart.

He was telling them that if they went to work for God, God would pay them just the same as if they worked for someone else.  So was Jesus speaking to everyone here, or only to those He was trying to get to follow Him as disciples, and devote their whole lives and every hour of every day to serving Him, and therefore could not possible work a job while doing this?

So I’m not sure what to say here except this: We should not take “careful, anxious thought” for tomorrow, but if the Holy Spirit is warning people that extremely hard times are coming, and that they should prepare in earnest, WE HAD BETTER PREPARE!

It says in Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the Prophets.”  It says in John 16:13, 14 that the Holy Spirit will even SPEAK to us and SHOW US THINGS TO COME!

I’m sure that includes WARNING us of impending danger, and just what to do to prepare for it.  So you be the judge!  It’s your life and your family.  I “opt” for doing what Joseph and Noah did, and “preparing an ark to the saving of my house” as best I can.  Then if it’s all taken away or destroyed by some disaster, I know that God will supply anyway, because I did my best to follow Him and prepare.

If you prepare, and then fire or flood, thieves, or some event robs you of your food store and preparation, then you can expect the Lord to do miracles and “drop manna out of heaven” if necessary to feed you, because you did your best to follow Him and prepare.  But if you are just lazy, and don’t want to deal with it, He may not “drop manna out of heaven” for you, or provide; because you didn’t take heed or even try!

If the Holy Spirit is “warning” you of “things to come,” as it says in John chapter 16, you would do well to take heed now and to begin to pray about just what He would have you to do.

Our world is about to change VERY DRAMATICALLY FOR THE WORST!  If you are not ready, you may not get another chance to GET ready.  Jesus said that we should “watch for the signs,” and “not to let these things come upon us unawares.”

Some quote the parable about the rich man in the Bible who stored up great amounts of food for himself; and how God was angry with him and said, “You fool!” “This night your very life will be required of you.” “Whose then shall those things belong to that you have stored up for yourself?” They think that this means God is against storing food.  If that’s the case, then why did He have Noah and Joseph do it?

I do not believe that the Lord is speaking against storing up supplies here, BUT AGAINST PERSONAL SELFISHNESS, where a person has no concern whatsoever for others that are in need and starving around them!  I believe that this was a parable against the sin of “selfishness and greed,” not storing food or supplies.

I do not believe that the Lord is against storing food and supplies, if our motive is to obey Him and prepare for the coming hard times and food shortages; so that we can help not only our own families, but others also, and to use it as a witness for Him, as we reach out to others in love to help them in their time of need.  So THAT, I believe, is the balancing point.  What is our motive?  To serve God and others, or ourselves?

In Proverbs it says that a wise man foresees evil coming and prepares for it. Solomon spoke of “observing the ant” which stores up its food for the winter, as well as other creatures.  This is an obvious analogy that we should store up these needed items when we see hard times coming.

Many people and websites are recommending that folks do this now, even in the secular, non-religious world.  Even President Obama was on television recently, recommending that every American household put back some extra food items for the hard times coming, and learn to grow gardens like the people of the U.S. did in World War ll.

They were called “victory gardens.”  Most of the meat and supplies went to the war effort, and folks had to endure gasoline rationing, and food rationing.  Growing gardens is what kept many alive.  The world is getting ready once again FOR WAR!  Many people are going to once again have to rely on these methods to survive.

If you don’t have the money to purchase large quantities of storage food from companies like Jim’s, just simply begin to buy and put back extra staple items and canned goods that keep for a longer time.

Now many of you have probably seen “bugs” crawling around in your staple items after a few months on the shelf.  Things like beans, rice, wheat cereal, macaroni, spaghetti, etc…  Well here’s a little tip that will allow you to store these items FOR YEARS and retain their food value, without allowing bugs to get into them.

Bugs get into these foods two ways.  Some chew a hole in the package and “crawl” in and nest, and others are already IN the bag of rice, or whatever, from the mill when it comes.  They are in larvae or egg form, and hatch and go about their business of eating up your food!  Well here’s a way to prevent BOTH these forms of infestation, and keep your food good for years:

First of all you need a “good sealing container.”  This can be a glass jar with a tight sealing lid, or 5 gallon “poly-buckets” with a rubber seal in the lid, and little rubber hammer or mallet to hammer the lid down with.  This will keep out any bugs that try to crawl in from outside.

The second thing you must do is a very easy process called “re-drying.”  It simply means to take a baking pan or roast pan, and pour the ingredients into it and heat it in your oven for a certain period of time, at a certain temperature.  Some manuals say to heat it for 45 minutes at 125 degrees.  Others say to heat it for 2 hours at 150 degrees.

I personally tried the 2 hour method at 150 degrees, just to be on the “safe side.”  It worked fine on beans, rice, wheat and “tough seed items,” but on things like macaroni it tended to scorch or toast them a bit on the edge of the pan.  But this heating or “re-drying” will KILL ALL THE BUG EGGS IN THE PRODUCT!

Then you take the pan out of the oven and cover it with a towel to keep any bugs from landing on it, yet still let the heat out through the “porous towel,” and then let it return to room temperature.  You then pour it into your poly-bucket or glass jar.  If it’s too hot coming out of the oven, and you seal it shut, it will make moisture form inside the bucket.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to buy “mylar bags,” (bags made of tin foil with plastic on both sides, such as a small potato chip bag…) this will help even more.  Simply put the bag inside the bucket and pour the food in.

Some also like to do a nitrogen treatment on the bucket to get rid of the oxygen that spores and microbes can grow on, or that bugs need to breathe; and treat it first with that before sealing.  You can find out on-line just how to do this, but I have just simply poured the foods into a poly-bucket without all this extra work, and had them last for many years.

Simply pour the food into the poly-bucket or glass jar once it’s cooled off to room temperature.  Then you have to place a “moisture absorbing pack” into it.  These are called “desi-paks,” and you can buy them on-line or from certain stores.  But if you don’t want to fool with that, here’s a down home, easy way to make your own.

If you will purchase REGULAR SALT, not salt with iodine in it, and take a paper napkin, and place a tablespoon or two (for a large 5 gallon bucket) in the middle of it, and fold it up four ways, so that none of the salt can leak out, and then tape it shut on one edge, to where it can’t come open; you then place this in the top of the bucket and put the lid on it.

This regular salt in a paper napkin, (which allows for the moisture to “vent through”) will act as a moisture absorber to “suck” and keep any moisture out of your sealed dry goods.

I have had them last for over 16 years now, and when I open a bucket to check the product, it looks and smells as good as it did the day I did the treatment and sealed it in.

I’ve never had one go bad yet, or get bugs in it.  Of course you have to keep the bucket stored in a cool dry place.  Do not place them directly on cement, or in a moist environment like an unsealed basement that draws moisture and mildew, which can “seep” over time through the plastic poly-bucket.  Also, keep them on a small pallet or boards to lift them off the cement.

If you are storing it in a closet on carpet you will have no problems.  Moisture and high heat are the two main enemies.  As long as it is kept dry and out of high temperature areas it will be fine.

I’ve even stored it outside in a garage in the winter, and it doesn’t hurt it to freeze.  In fact, this is another method used to kill bug eggs for storage.  (Deep freezing) So I hope this information is helpful for you.

If you cannot afford expensive storage food, make your own.  Staple items, such as dried beans, rice, wheat, oatmeal, macaroni, noodles, etc… provide the most energy for your body under extreme conditions and keep for long amounts of time.  Powdered milk does also.

You can add these staple items to casseroles or “hamburger helper” type meals, with meats you can garner from local hunters, or if you hunt yourself.  But they will make up the greatest bulk of your storage food items. This, along with canned goods, and garden grown vegetables will get you through!

For water storage and purification, use 9 drops of bleach per gallon of water.  Don’t forget to pour the water through a water filter, even if it’s a cheaper one that just takes out chlorine.  Chlorine will make you sick and could even kill you, as it destroys your liver over time.

Some folks use hydrogen peroxide instead, as they can just drink the water if they need to and it’s actually, partly good for the body in killing germs.

However, even it’s laden with other ingredients that aren’t so good for you, so filtering all water is a good idea before you drink it if you can.

If you have to use really dirty water, pour it through coffee filters to get out the big stuff, then a filtration pitcher.  To kill any serious germs that might cause bad illness, boil the water for 10-15 minutes.  Then shake it back and forth in a bottle to “re-oxygenate” it after it cools off before drinking.

These are just a few little tips that might help you and save your life.  Store some extra medical supplies like anti-biotic creams and bandages, wipes, gauze, tape, hydrogen peroxide for wound cleaning, etc…

Save toiletries like soaps, shampoos, lotions, and items you might need, that we take for granted now, that may be in great demand soon, like combs, toothbrushes, hair brushes, small mirrors, scissors, tools, knives, etc…

If you have stored grains, and can acquire meats; a good hand-cranked grain grinder and meat grinder come in really handy.  If you still have electricity, you can use a normal blender to grind up your wheat for hot wheat cereal.  It will dull the blade, but it works.

Please stop and give some serious thought and prayer to anything and everything that you might need in case disaster strikes your area.  The store shelves will be emptied within hours, and you will suddenly have to live on what you have stored in your house.

I pray that you have found the book Earthshaker, as well as this up-date, very informative, sobering, and helpful, and that it helps you to make the proper preparations for yourself and your family and friends.  I pray you will take heed to the warnings in these writings, as these “days of the end” most certainly seem to be upon us.

Most of all I pray that you will accept Jesus Christ as your savior, study His Word in the Bible, and learn to hear and follow the voice of His leading; which is the only thing that will see any of us through these terrible times that lie ahead; and take us safely into the next life, to the wonderful world He has prepared for His children, after these coming great “earth-purges.”

That is my earnest hope and desire, and the ultimate goal of this book, and all that I have written.  Thank you so much for your time.  I pray this has been a great blessing to you and your family.

  John Benjamin


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