What the prayers of a believing Mother can do!

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By Nancy W.

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One of my daughters, is married and has three children -the youngest being two years old. A couple of months ago, my daughter had brain surgery for an aneurysm.  The first miracle was that it was discovered at all! 85% of those who have her type of aneurysm don’t find out they have it until it ruptures which can be fatal! She was having headaches and some dimming of her sight in one eye, so matter-of-factually went to see an ophthalmologist who after testing her, suspected something and referred her to a neuroradiologist who determined it was an aneurysm.

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Discovering she had an aneurysm in her brain

I believe this initial discovery was the result of my prayers as a mother -as well as others praying for my family- and that’s what I would like to emphasize more than anything else in this miracle testimony!  From the time the aneurysm was discovered until her operation and throughout this recovery, I notified my dear friends in our online prayer group and other close friends as well who faithfully and fervently prayed for my daughter, commanding the aneurysm to go and speaking life and healing into every part of her brain in Jesus’ Name.

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God provided the best neurosurgeon!

We had discovered that the neurosurgeon who was to operate on my daughter was one of the top in the country, whose specialty was aneurysms and whose prognosis was good, especially as my daughter was young. I was so thankful for that but knew, along with my faithful prayer warriors, that Jesus was the Greatest Doctor in the Universe, and that He would have to be the one to see her through the whole process and bring her to complete victory.


Prayers bring peace and relief from pain

I had never quite realized before, how awesome the effect could be of so many people supporting us in prayer! I could feel a special peace and strength that I knew was coming from those prayers, and each time something would come up, particularly when my daughter was experiencing intense post surgery pain, I knew the Lord was working and I could see relief coming through for her! Also, during this time, especially the days when she was in the hospital with her husband at her side, when I was caring for her three children, I could feel the same grace and help for me, as well as for the children, coming through those united prayers!

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It’s now been two months since her surgery and she is making great progress, as she is slowly regaining her strength. I continue to help her and her family full time, particularly with the two year old, and I’ve been blessed with so much strength and joy, all due to the Lord and His awesome family of prayer warriors who continue to fight for us in prayer.


I want to add that during this difficult time, whenever I could find patches of times in the early morning, during my grandson’s nap, or evening when the children were in bed, I immersed myself in the Word and prayer. My dear friend Rose was a key in continually sending me eye opening, faith building, far out recordings, based on her site, which encouraged me and stretched my faith in every direction!

Coming boldly unto the Courts of Heaven 

 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)


Before this situation with my daughter, the Lord had been preparing me for a new level of faith, and with these new recordings and Rose’s encouragement, I found myself presenting and even entering with my daughter in the Courts of Heaven to plead her case. The Lord told me He was going to “break all the traditional rules” to free us from any hindrances to her healing, be they past, present or future. He even told me He was going to break “His own rules” for me as I claimed my identity as our King’s wife, lover and queen! This has been part of a precious revelation He gave me during this time, of His overwhelming, intimate, limitless love that transcends all else. It reminds me of the quote from Joseph Prince which says: “If you don’t believe that Jesus is too good to be true, then you don’t believe in the true Jesus!“.

In the movie “Conversations with God” when the main character was asked how he would summarize in one paragraph what God might want to say to us, he used only five words: “You’ve got Me all wrong!”


Taking authority as a Daughter of the King


A key for me was in getting “real” with God, not being afraid to share anything I was going through be it fears, doubts, my past mistakes, even generational ones…then thanking and praising God for all that He is, taking up the crown and authority He’s given me and smashing the enemy to pieces! I would daily go by my daughter’s room, even outside of her closed door, pointing my finger toward her head, commanding the pain to go, the aneurysm to be destroyed and speaking life into every part of her both physically and spiritually!

But still there were times when it seemed difficult to fight at all, and I would call on the Lord and His heavenly host to fight for me, and He (and they) never failed to come through!

Journaling and interpreting dreams and real life happenings

Something else that was a wonderful help to me during this time, was journaling, simply by writing short notes each day in the memo of my phone –which I tried to have near me at all times. It included those prayers, quotes, and inspired jewels He would give me throughout the day. I also started writing down in a little book my nightly dreams along with the interpretations the Lord would give me when I asked Him, which were always encouraging and uplifting. I would also included words of daily encouragement from Him and questions I would ask with His answers I called :”Life is Like a Dream” from one of the videos Rose passed on to me which encourages us to write down real life happenings from the day and to ask the Lord for the interpretation like we would when recording our dreams. This helped tremendously in getting the Lord’s perspective on things!

Here is an example of a little something I wrote down from the Lord a few days before my daughter’s surgery: “If you keep fighting, you keep winning. It ‘prepares you’ for the glorious answers so you’re ready for the next step. You’re being held over the fire—keep fighting, claiming, declaring and decreeing! I will renew your youth like the eagle’s” (Psalms 103:5)


Sample of prayer for my daughter

Here is part of  one of the prayers for her I recorded in my phone when she was in the hospital about to go through an invasive procedure to detail her aneurysm soon after its discovery:  “I face my daughter right now, I point to her head and tell the aneurysm to go to hell. I declare total restoration and wholeness in every part of her brain and body In Jesus Name! Give her faith, help her to call on You, Jesus, and do the miracle before her very eyes so she know it’s You! A lifetime of You on the earth! Anoint the doctor and others involved with her with great wisdom, know-how and skill. Let them be amazed by Your miracle. With God, all things are possible! Help me to hold on to YOU, dear Jesus, and all You are and all You’ve given me. I offer praises to You for hearing me and know that You will do it because You want her well!


Quickest recovery ever seen by the surgeons!

My daughter was released from the hospital to recover at home only 5 days after her surgery, with the neurosurgeon and others exclaiming that her progress in recovering from that particular surgery was the quickest they had ever seen! Although there were many days after the surgery where she would experience some intense pain, only a few weeks later, after much rest and strengthening, she was able to start driving her children to school. She is still being strengthened and is moving forward day by day!


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