My Very Especial LAMP

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By RoseMarie

I recently bought some really cool Mystic books and wanted to read them peacefully at night, but I had no lamp to use without bothering my husband, so I was using a flashlight…

Then I asked my Father to provide the right kind of lamp.

About 2 weeks ago, on my weekly shopping to Carrefour I saw a lamp that I really liked; the price was affordable, the size was just right, and it even had a led ball that changed colors when not in use. I thought: “This is it!”

And to top it, it even had my name on it:  La ROSE. ¿What were the chances?  No doubt that it was to be my lamp, made with my name on it! I got very excited.  So I looked around for the box, and lo and behold, there was none to be found. I called the clerk and she said, “Oh, so sorry, mam, we are out of that kind of lamp.”

Lord, how come? That was my lamp! I really want that lamp…  I felt like a little girl again, going to daddy and begging him for something time and time again, almost throwing a temper tantrum…But Papa I want that lamp..!!

Next day my sweet husband went to another Carrefour downtown to see if they would still have some in existence over there. But he returned empty handed.

A week passed by. Then today, we went back to Carrefour for our weekly shopping and I immediately went to the lamp section to see if they had received more units. But no… there was my lamp still in display but none for sale.  Then I heard in my spirit: “Ask and you shall receive”.  I argued with my God saying: “But I already asked last time and the clerk said NO.”

Then I looked around to see if any attendant would be around and I saw him: A young Taiwanese man with long hair who was busily piling some boxes near-by. I called him and when he came I pointed to my lamp. “I want to buy this lamp”.

He looked at it and said: “Sorry mam, but we are out of existences.”

Then I looked into his eyes and said with a big smile: “Can I buy this one, then?”

“You want to buy the one in display? Mmm… first we have to see if it works and everything is fine… and I need to check with my supervisor.”

I sweetly pointed at him that the lamp in display was on, and seemed to work just fine, so we tried all the intensities and colors and he was satisfied that the product was in good functioning, and so was I. (no need to call the supervisor, who would probably say no way)

“Can I take it?”   And he said: “Yes”.  He then sheepily proceeded to place the display lamp -with no box or anything- in the cart of this crazy foreigner lady.  I thanked and blessed him for his help and off I ran with my precious lamp in the cart, happy as a little girl! I went all the way up the escalator to show it to my husband who was looking for other items:  “Honey, I got the lamp!”  He was thrilled to see me so happy.

I am now home trying it on all kinds of different colors and it is gorgeous! So heavenly! It is a heavenly lamp made just for La Rose!



Life is so exciting when lived from our heavenly places in Christ! There are no more impossibilities.

I know, it may seem silly and of no transcendence for many, but for me, it is just another proof of how much God loves me and cares for my every wish and even answers my ¨temper tantrums”. I love you Papa.


And now, to enjoy my precious books, “Beyond Human”, by Justin Paul Abraham, and “The Realms of the Kingdom” By Ian Clayton.

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  1. Rosie Moriarty says:

    A wonderful confirmation of His love in every situation we face, no matter how big or small.

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