Our Missionary Life

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Go ye into all the World and preach the Gospel to every creature.  Mark 16:15

Bruce and Rose in Taipei Airport before her flight to Spain

Bruce and Rose Gagnon in Taiwan. 2010

My husband, Bruce and I met in Madrid, Spain in a local home church. We were both born-again Christians and wanted to serve God with all our hearts. We both had dreams of going to a far-flung mission field as independent missionaries to the nations, living by faith.  We were married in less than a year, and decided to move to Portugal for awhile, where we engaged actively in street evangelism.

I also started a Mail Ministry, adding daily the name cards of people we met in outreach, sending newsletters and inspirational readings, and conducting Bible classes with those who were interested.  This Ministry has continued until the present day, evolving from a few hundred letters by mail to reaching hundreds of thousands thru Email/online ministry every year.

Karachi, Pakistan –  1988

In 1988, our family traveled to Pakistan with our 4 months old baby, Richard.

Once there, we lived and volunteered in a local mission who was ministering to the deaf, and running a school.  We also regularly visited families from different faiths (Muslims, Parsis (Zoroastrians), Shiks, etc., in their own homes, becoming their friends and showing them the  love of Jesus.


In this picture you can see a younger Bruce giving a Bible class to this Pakistani businessman in Karachi.

Although we loved Pakistan and its people, due to Visa difficulties and my new pregnancy, we decided to move to Canada (Bruce’s homeland).


Montreal/Halifax, Canada – 1989 

We settled down in Canada, I became a Canadian citizen and another three boys were born into our family.   I, Rose, home-schooled my children full time using the Christian Light Publications Full Program, and other multimedia resources. Bruce being a musician, taught the children to sing and play guitar at a very young age. Some weekends we would visit senior citizen homes, and spend time with the elderly, who loved to have the children sing for them.

We have been based in Canada for many years, but some times we were sponsored to go do volunteer missionary work in different countries for the summer.

Istanbul, Turkey 


In 1998, when the children were  a bit older, we felt led to go to a mission in Turkey so the children would have a taste of real missionary life.  We both heard the song of the magi: “Following a star we have come from afar, in the East we have heard His call...” He even provided the whole family’s airfare by making money appear miraculously in an old bank account that we rarely used!

In Turkey,  we engaged in different fundraisers to help the local mission build a school and social center for 100 street children.  In the picture above, you can see Bruce with some of the street children that were sheltered. The school books were donated by local businesses. We made new friends and led many to the Lord. The children visited many historical places and learned a lot.

Refugee Camp in Ceuta,  North Africa 

3We traveled again to Europe to visit my relatives in Spain for the summer of 2001. One day we read in the paper about Calamocarro -an African Refugee Camp in North Africa- where sub Saharan people were kept in awful conditions. We felt called to go visit them and help the refugees find comfort and hope with the love of Jesus.

With an old Mercedes camper that used to belong to some friends,  we traveled from Spain to Ceuta, North Africa. The only campground had been closed, but by a miracle we befriended a high ranking army man who allowed us to plant our tents in a military camp from where we based our short missionary activities. Above we see Bruce singing gospel songs to the sub-Saharan refugees outside of a little tent-Church.


(pic) Rose  ministering to some new converts from the refugee camp in Calamocarro.

The refugee camp, due to publicity of its unsanitary conditions, was finally closed a few months after we left.


Remote Berber Tribes


Some years after, a professor from Morocco asked us to visit the remote Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, in North Africa and God provided again. The berbers were farmers and shepherds who lived out of the land happy and peacefully  in a very primitive way in adobe houses without even electricity, toilets, or running water.

We lived among them for a few weeks and  we taught the tribe’s children arts and crafts, and organized games and fun activities -specially for the hard working little girls who are only allowed to go to school until 10 years of age or puberty. After that they need to work in the fields and help their families at home.

In the picture  above we see some of the young  girls carrying heavy loads upon their shoulders.

blood pressure

(Pic) Rose measuring the blood pressure of some of the pregnant mothers in the village. (I have a nursing degree)


They were so poor that they couldn’t afford to buy simple electrical equipment like cables, counters, switches, light bulbs, etc., and for many years they were not able to connect to the electric grid that the government had provided for the village.

So i made a few phone calls to some of my friends in my home country of Spain,  whom donated 2 vans full of humanitarian aid, and a lot of the electrical needs the village had, which made it possible for each home to connect to the grid and finally have light in their homes. God even soon provided the first fridge for the whole village!


In the picture Bruce and Rose are wearing the local Chilabas, which helped us to identify even more with the people we ministered to.

praise time

(pic) Singing “sunday school” songs with the Berber kids.

Cebu, Philippines – 2007

As our two older sons were already of age and had their jobs in Canada, we decided to go to the mission field for a longer period of time. Extra Mile Ministries sponsored us as missionaries to the Philippines, we did all the necessary paperwork and me and our two underage sons Tim and JM moved ahead of Bruce to the island of Cebu, in the Philippines Islands. Bruce joined us a year later.


We knew some missionary friends who ran Dental Missions in the Philippines and had a very well established work. They needed volunteers, so we joined their base.   We stayed in the island of Cebu for 18 months, helping set up mobile dental clinics in schools, churches, hospitals, jails, jungle villages, etc.  Very challenging but very rewarding.

Sometimes we had to do it without electricity, only with generators and enduring a continuous humid tropical heat that made it very difficult. But God gave us the grace.

We helped organize programs and set up camps where Dentists without Borders (from Denmark, Norway and other European countries), came to offer their free services to the underprivileged children of the Philippines.


Here is Rose with some of the inmates at the women’s prison in Cebu.

We also extended the free dental help to inmates of prisons and other institutions.

Since these precious ladies received the Lord Jesus in their hearts, their lives changed dramatically and they participated in Bible Studies and Church services whenever they were available in their institution.

14Here is our son JM, helping a weekly “Feeding” of 1,500 children from very poor backgrounds.  Some of these precious kids had never eaten chicken before! Since these feeding campaigns started, the kids’ performance at school improved a lot. Malnutrition is a real problem in some of the poorest areas of the Philippines.



Above we see Rose visiting one of the poorest  slums in Cebu, on a volunteer partnership with Rise Above Cebu,  bringing groceries to the families, praying for them, and trying to find some job opportunities for the parents.

Taiwan – 2009 to present time

Our daughter’s husband developed  health problems and we decided it would be better for us to move to Taiwan so we could be close to her if she needed help.  Taiwan being a rich country with well-organized infrastructures and institutions, we soon saw that here the need to help the poor wasn’t so great.    But we also discovered  that the people of Taiwan were suffering from lack of physical love and affection, from stress, pressure in their studies and their jobs, depression and fear, and that the country had a high suicide rate.   Sometimes we visited people in their businesses to just say “Hi,” and show them God’s joy and love, and share with them the source of our joy by introducing our friend Jesus to them



We visited hospitals and went from room to room praying for the sick, and bringing them some small presents.  Every year during Christmas times, we participate in various programs singing carols and making balloons for the sick kids in hospitals or orphanages.

Email Ministry and Prophetic Ministry

The Mail ministry started in Portugal in 1989 continued to grow thru the years, but once in Taiwan it converted more into an “email ministry” .  Now I have over 5,000 people in my contact list who receive regular inspirational readings. Some of them request prayer or prophecies, and the demand keeps growing as the times get darker and people succumb to fear and worry of the future.

Tragedy hits our family

During Chinese New Year 2014, on February 3, our dear 25 year old Richard who lived in Taipei, Taiwan, tragically went to be with Jesus before his time. That day our lives changed for ever.

Heidi Baker’s miracle Visit on Feb 3, 2014

I knew Heidi Baker was in Taipei giving a conference during Chinese New Year, and I also heard that she had seen people raised  from the dead. I sent my daughter (by faith) to fetch her, so she could pray for my son and bring him back to life. We prayed and prayed and prayed in the spirit, waiting for her arrival. By a miracle, my daughter was able to cross the barrier of bodyguards and reach Heidi, who was touched deeply and decided to “stop for the one.” She left the huge stadium during lunch break and came to my home in Tamsui in a car with  her closest team and my daughter.  She hugged me for almost half an hour, prayed, and declared over me, and gave me an amazing word of prophecy (see full prophecy) about my family’s future in the healing and supernatural ministries, which would come as a reversing of the dark tornado that had taken my son’s life. She told us that she had asked the Lord if she should go to the hospital´s morgue and raise Richard from the dead, but that God told her to instead “go see Rose and tell her how much I love her, and what a wonderful mother she is.”  She obeyed the Lord, and went all the way to the house of a total stranger.  Through her and her team,  Holy Spirit released comfort, peace, and life into us, and powerfully obliterated the spirit of trauma, suicide, depression, guilt and condemnation. When she left, my deep pain and grief continued, but that supernatural peace that passes all understanding has remained in my heart ever since.

She personally provided the means for my other 2 sons to come from Canada, attend the funeral, and stay with us for a few weeks. Anonymous donors from her church in Taiwan sponsored the funeral and all expenses, and even gave a donation to help us in the next few months. She was Jesus’ love and comfort to me, my husband, and our youngest son, and we will always be grateful to her and keep her in our prayers. I only want to grow and learn to be more and more like her, stopping for the one by the wayside; and loving everybody into the Kingdom, one heart at the time.



Beauty for Ashes

The loss of a child is the most profound pain that a human being can experience, even with a strong faith in God and knowing that our loved one is in Heaven and we will see him again.  The first months were like living with big painful hole in our hearts and a thick fog over our heads  and our family couldn’t think or operate clearly.

I clung to the Word given by Heidi that those who are walking in the healing arena from the body of Christ would contact me, and that healing would come from Inside out.  Soon I was introduced to a School of Supernatural Ministry Training (Amazingly enough, the school is called Inside Out) and attended their online classes. Soon healing began to take place, and Holy Spirit helped me start walking in the supernatural and prophetic in new and amazing ways. Worshiping my Lord Jesus in the spirit and in dance became my lifeline. I would have not survived without it. A whole new realm of heavenly bliss opened for me after the tragedy, I chose not to “move on” but to “move up” daily into the Kingdom of God.


I joined a couple of online support groups for parents who  survive their children. As I began learning from Heaven how to let Jesus ease the pain, I  found myself counseling and imparting to some of them that same peace and comfort with which I myself had been comforted by the Holy Spirit.  I now, out of my own experience, can offer my heart-felt prayers, my love, understanding, compassion and friendship, and help them with their emotional healing.

Suicide Prevention Ministry – 2014 to present

Seemed like God was leading me to get involved in this very special ministry, because an increasing number of suicidal people have been appearing into my life. It started with one person, and now I have 5-7 people whom I have counseled and prayed for, who are successfully learning to lean on Jesus to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts.  So far they are all still here and living fruitful lives, praise God!  I only pray that the Lord can use me -in my brokenness- as a catalyst to stop other youth from breaking their mother’s hearts  with their early deaths.

Transformation Glory and Oil from Heaven

We attended Kris Vallatton’s conference in Taipei on October  2014 and had the privilege of experiencing live worship with the Bethel Band basking corporately in His presence and glory. When we arrived home, I noticed there were  strange drops of a golden liquid in the screened doors of my living room balcony and also in another window in the back of the house. I felt it with my finger and it was pure OIL!  Never ever had I heard or seen oil raining anywhere in the world, and those drops were only on the screen, not on the floor or the balcony or anywhere else. It dawned on me that i was seeing a supernatural manifestation of Holy Spirit!  So unexpected and extraordinary but oh so encouraging and uplifting, like He was saying… you are well on your way and I am anointing you!


Most people I shared this miracle with, look the other way, argue that “there must be a natural reasonable explanation for this” or just kindly smile at me and change the subject. One woman of God told me I must have been visited by an angel.  Gary Beaton told me in a webinar that this is extremely rare, but definitely means anointing, destiny, and healing.  I know in my spirit that the oil means that He is bringing  healing and restoration to our family and also to our finances, and to confirm it, right next day a lady I met at the conference offered to pay our monthly rent for one whole year!  Praise God!  (by the way, the oil drops never dried up, they are still in the screened door as a testimony one year after!  updated October 2015)

Webinars777 and “Soaring to your Destiny”


Gary Beaton  from Transformation Glory Ministries offered a 12 week training Webinar called “Soaring into your Destiny”, co hosted with Dr. Joseph Peck, from Empower 2000, and another series of webinars called “Soaring222 Discipling the Nations” to which God provided a scholarship so i could attend  during the whole year 2015.

Every week a different spiritual leader, like Ken Fish, Kat Kerr from Revealing Heaven,  Dutch Sheets from the Elijah List, Jon and Jolene Hamill from Lamp Lighter Ministries, Max Greiner of The Empty Cross, Apostle Sharon Billings,  James Nesbit and his amazing Holy Knowing Explosions,  Releasing Frequencies of Life with John Tussey, Katherine Ruonala, Patricia King and Robert Hotchkins from XP Ministries,  Doug Addison, the Tatoo ProphetBarbie Breathitt, and many others. These man and women of God who impart  thru these webinars amazingly deep and powerful teachings on different aspects of the Kingdom of Heaven and its accelerated invasion of Earth through us, the true believers, the Sons of God, the Body of Christ, are having an enormous impact in many lives.

Prophetic Translations to Spanish

As i have a dear friend in Spain who does not speak English, i started translating all those webinars just for her. As i did, i noticed that the translating was flowing in a prophetic way and realized that Holy Spirit was doing it thru me.  Thinking it must be God’s will for latinos to benefit from this  important current teaching and importation, I started to call it “Prophetic Translations” and gave my finished work  to  Joseph Peck -the head of Webinars777-, who was very thankful. He also gave me permission to share and monetize the translations of the teachings imparted in the Soaring Series.  So if you – the reader- are interested in a Spanish transcription of any of those teachings, just leave a comment and i will contact you.

Deeper and Deeper and Higher and Higher into God

As Heidi´s word said, that the body of Christ and those who are experts in the spiritual/healing arena would surround my family,  it is all happening thru Facebook!  Is not a shallow social network anymore to me,  as many of the Awaken believers are in my contacts and i daily receive amazing teachings to listen, read and learn from. Someone introduced me to Ian Clayton´s teachings, and although at the beginning they were over my head, only weeks later when i listened to the same teachings, things started to click and open in my mind and now i just have to listen to him daily, as well as Justin Abraham, Robert Henderson and others. My prayer and dream is to be able to attend to the NEST school next year.  Where else will we go? Only You have words of Eternal Life.

I have a small intercessory group, we are only three missionary ladies who meet at one of our homes every week for prayer, worship, and  also to share dreams, visions and lessons learned. I can say that in the last year we have grown a lot, explored realms that we thought we would not see until we died and went to Heaven!  Last week we had our first visit together to the Mobile Court of Heaven  in intercession for our children and loved ones.

Financial appeal to my readers

My family is slowly physically and emotionally recuperating from our loss  and we know that He loves us and will continue to take care of us.

My husband Bruce lost his voice in late 2013. Now he is not able to fund raise with his singing like he did thru the years. He is also semi disabled with Bell’s palsy and other afflictions that impedes him from even having a secular job. We live in a foreign Asian country where we are not yet permanent residents or have any governmental help, insurance, retirement funds or pension. Things look gloomy in the natural, but hey, we believe in the supernatural and have the total assurance of God’s promise: “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” .   We know that God will keep providing for us in our present difficult circumstances and even more as we age, as He has always done with His children who  depend on Him.  Our Father is an Awesome God!

I have been involved for 4 years in helping build an internet project that will soon be public and may prove to be a financial blessing to us and many others. But until then, we have no means of support and we would like to ask you to please consider contributing monthly towards our living expenses, which are just $1,700.

We know that God loves a cheerful giver, and that He gives a return of 100% more for your investment in His work.

Please, keep our family and our future ministry of Divine Healing, Suicide Prevention, Prophetic Translations, empowering others to become Sons and Daughters of God, and whatever else He has in mind for us in your prayers.

If you feel the Lord tugging at your heart right now to sow into our ministry, there is a PayPal Button at the top right corner of the page, where you can easily and safely donate.

If you would like to receive a word of prophecy, or interpret your dream, receive prayer for your healing, or even participate in a corporate ascension to Heaven, do not hesitate to leave  a comment and I will contact you.

With love and prayers,

Rose and Bruce Gagnon.


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