The Importance of Journaling

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The importance of Journaling

By RoseMarie Gagnon


Did you know that many people document their lives, write their thoughts, their prayers, their ideas, dreams, visions, and also the lessons they learn – on a daily basis?  They call it “Journaling”.

All great sages, scientists, philosophers, and men or renown who left a legacy to humanity were faithfully journaling. Maybe that´s why they became famous in the first place.  You could do the same.

And you could even go further than that if you want… because you can keep more than one journal!  Some people keep journals by categories, others use the same journal for everything.  The following are a few samples.


A Scrap Journal

Get a nice notebook.  Write down the things that happen in your daily life, places you go, people you meet, funny things that happen, your kids´antics, etc. To make it more interesting, you can even glue pictures, receipts of hotels or restaurants, dry flowers, a lock of hair, anything that is significant to you and worth remembering. This way you will be documenting your own biography and you will leave a legacy to your children and grandchildren.


A Dreams Journal

Are you sometimes mystified by your dreams?  Have you ever had one of those lucid, vivid, far out dreams that you really wanted to remember but you forgot totally?  There is a solution:  If you have a notebook and a pen in your night table, make sure to write down your entire dream as soon as you wake up, because the longer you wait the faster you will forget.

Since the beginning of times, men have received important information/inspiration/instruction in their dreams that led them to write books, create works of art, inventions, travel, or even start a profitable business. You can receive all that in your dreams, Job said that, thousands of years ago.

Job 33:14-16: “For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, Then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction.”

What if God had something very important to reveal to you in a dream, but you did not take the time to write it down and you … just forgot it? Wouldn’t that be a shame?


A Spiritual Journal

If you are a believer, have a relationship with your Father in Heaven, and you want to go deeper and get closer to Him, there is nothing better than documenting your walk and your talk with God.

I often write down my prayers and questions like if I was chatting with my best friend. Then I wait and listen for the answer and I write it down when it comes. It is like chatting on Skype, but much better!   If you pray and ask God to speak to you, He will do it. Just take the first thing that comes to your mind and write it down. With practice you will have wonderful conversations with your Maker that will totally transform your life.

The words you receive from God are what they call “words of prophecy” and can really bless your destiny.  Treasure those words! They are so special; they are God’s loving words to you!

And throughout the years when you go back and read some of those Words, you will realize that many already came to pass, and that others that you didn’t understand then, now have full meaning.

Write about the lessons you learn, your mistakes, your victories, document your walk with the Lord.

You will be creating a database of  wisdom to leave as a legacy to your descendants and many will benefit from it.


It is never too late to start journaling!

A diary is like a treasure chest. Even if you think you are too old and that most of your life is gone undocumented, you still have time: Start today! Buy yourself a nice notebook. (or use your computer)

Maybe you would like to write your “memories”,  things that happened to you in the past when you were not journaling, or you prefer to start fresh today.

The written word has power. Who knows, maybe your diaries will end up becoming your  biography in a published book, and maybe someone one day will make a movie out of your book. and all  because you took the time to keep a diary.

What do you think? Are you going to start journaling?

Maybe you started journaling a few times in the past, and stopped because you didn’t have enough time or you just lost interest. Now is time to pick it up again.

Your life is unique and wonderful; there is only one “you” in this world and God has many plans, dreams, and things to tell you.

Leave your awesome legacy to this world!

Let me know your thoughts…

With love,


Update. July 13, 2015

Please watch this webinar by Dr. Joseph Peck   He takes it to the next level and teaches you practical steps to successful journaling and a successful life!

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3 Responses to The Importance of Journaling

  1. Zorrie-Maree Cernusco says:

    Hello Rose, Thank you for this explanation of Journaling. I love it but have been sporadic much of the time. There have some times been years where I haven’t written and so I liked your idea of writing up a memories one too. I also have lost because of a shift of homes during a devastating time in my life, all of my journals from the early days. I remember often looking back on them during hard times…. and there were many of those. You have helped me be even more determined to follow through – thankyou. Zorrie.

    • Meadow says:

      I am very happy that the Lord used this article to inspire you to continue on your Journaling! There are many blessings on the horizon for you!

  2. sam says:

    In your section on spiritual journalling you mention about taking the first thing that comes to you as being from God as His answer to prayer. How do you come to the conclusion that it will always be the first thing – if you could give some scriptures that would be great. Thanks. Can you let me know when you’ve put your reply up on your site, thanks Sam.

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